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2008 GT500 for sale?


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Welcome mustang04, Sorry Joshua 484 is such a D bag.This is a awesome site and most guys are very cool on here and are willing to offer up any info if you need it .Good luck in finding a car.








Sorry Mustang04,


Just hit a nerve I guess. Everybody wants an MSRP deal and seeing you only have 1 post and are brand new suggested to me that you are "using" the site, it's resources & it's members - Not here to contribute.



My bad and I apologize if that is not your intentions.


And like I said if I come across that deal I will be sure to let you know.


Welcome aboard.


I'm going to my corner now.



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Welcome to the group. Read as much as you can on this site, some have been searching a long time for a deal that is right for them. MSRP deals are happening to a lucky few but most dealers are still getting ADM's even though they are much smaller than last year. You might want to edit your profile to show your location.

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