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Battery Chargers


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I've heard that there can be a big difference is battery chargers. That there's a lot going on when a car battery gets re-charged. Anyone know of the best (set it and forget it) type that won't damage the battery and doesn't require any tinkering on my end?

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Are you talking a maintaining charge or to charge when a battery is already weak?


IE: one to keep on in storage, or one to recharge when weakened?



one to maintain the battery in storage. I travel a lot and have had the battery go dead a couple times.

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I used to go through a battery about every other year on my 68 Mustang. Just didn't use it enough during the driving season and then it would die over the winter, even with a charger on it.


Began using this a few years ago... http://www.thebatteryminder.com/12v133abat...e9a4aac456f16d3


Haven't had a problem since. It works great, especially if you go a while without driving. Won't harm the battery like many other chargers.


Reasonably priced and works as advertised. Order on the web or I found it on sale at my local battery store.

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Does this mean you still have the 68?


Did I miss something? Like pics?



Using this for 3 years - battery is as good as new, unlike previously.


Still have the 68 - need to replace the fuel pump, so haven't driven it much this summer.


Posted a bunch of pics of it before.

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