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questions about existing Methanol Injection kits


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Anyone currently using one of these type of products (such as Snow Performance or others) ?

where did you end up putting the reservoir?

Also, is there a way to run a flash on the computer to switch between a 'methanol injection' tune and a stock (or other baseline on pump gas type tune)?

How long would (for instance) say a 2 gal tank of either 50/50 Methanol/distilled water or 100% mix last before refilling would needed for regular but somewhat aggressive street driving?

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Currently there is no way to switch on the fly, you have to stop and reflash with a different tune.


Now all of the w/m injection cars I work on, I make sure the air temp sensor is after the injection point, so it will pick up the cooler air and add timing accordingly.


I find w/m works well on about 10% of cars.


You end up having to run a ton of timing to get back the power you lost from the w/m, and then you have to lean the tune out to get the a/f back to normal because the meth component richens it up.


Now if your tune is dependant upon meth to get the right a/f, and the system fails, you are now lean.


I would rather run race fuel.

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