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Got my VIN!!


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Congrat's, now that you have your VIN# you can go over to www.blueovalforums.com and once you've registered you can give ViperPilot you VIN# and he can track it for you, thia way you can follow it's progress as it's being scheduled to be built! This may help with the PSDS! :banghead: LOL. So welcome to the waiting club. I'm sure it will be worth it!


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Stangfan, I got my VIN today too! However, I called Ford CS and talked to someone who said that the scheduled build date was 11/5 through 11/12. The dealer had told me that the car would be built in the month of October. So I called Ford CS back and spoke to someone else who said that the 11/5 date was the scheduled date of shipment and the 11/12 date was the estimated arrival date to the dealer. I wanted to verify this second call, so I called back a third time and spoke to someone else and they weren't able to see any of these dates :banghead: Now, I'm not sure what to think. I have my VIN, does anyone know how to get good info on estimated build and ship dates, other than using Ford CS?

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Doesn't seem long ago that you were just asking how/where to find a deal on one of these was it??


Good for you StangFan!


Now the production/shipping/delivery wait... :banghead:




Yeah too true, when they first came out my local dealers wanted insane money so I let it drop for a while, got the bug again and spoke to yourself and a few others and rang and e-mailed like crazy. It paid off :)

Thanks again Joe for the advise and the others that helped with my search.

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