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First trip to the track on the 20's , plus a few new pics


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decided to take the car out on the 20's today and see what she'd do before i get some sticky tires


first pass, i slipped it from 2500, anhilated first gear, 2nd gear and she went sideways, and ran her out in 3rd, woo hoo, 14.12@114 - 2.2 60'


2nd pass, i slipped it from 1500, i was expecting it to spin and it didn't, chucked 2nd gear, still managed to knock a second off and go 13.14@114 - 2.2 60'


last pass, slipped it from 1500 again, waited a bit to go w.o.t., she held again, hit 2nd better, hit 3rd, this time i had to shift to 4th, got my slip, 2.2 60' again, but a 12.63@117 mph.


i was pretty happy with that for the first time out, temp was almost 90 degrees,


got a chance to take a few nicer pics today as well, i'm real happy with the stance now that the car has settled down since lowering it, the handling is great with the tokico's and bmr springs, i loosened em up for the track, the full adjustability is pretty nice


probably going to go ahead and get some 15"'s for the rear and put on some slicks








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