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Lethal Performance is here to assist the S197 crowd!!


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We're proud to announce that we're officially supporting vendors here on StangsUnleashed.com and indeed love our S197 Customers!!!



For those of you who know of us we thank you for all of your continued support! For those of you guys and gals that don't know us I'll briefly let you know who and what Lethal Performance is.


Lethal Performance, Inc. is the fastest growing performance parts warehouse in the industry. Myself and my entire staff has the passion just like you do for fast cars especially mustangs. We got into this industry as we felt there was a lot to improve on from our own experiences when ordering parts for our own cars. From day 1 our top priorities are to offer not only competitive pricing and fast shipping but most of all the best customer service and support in the industry. When you call Lethal Performance we want you to feel at home. Knowing that we'll always do our best to answer your questions and handle your business in the most professional manor.


In the last 2.5 years Lethal Performance has not only become WD stocking distributors for some of the most popular manufacturers in the industry but we've also become their largest distributor moving more volume than anyone else.


We've built amazing relationships with our vendors and manufacturers which helps us to keep their products in stock but also allows us to be on the inside and introduce new innovative products to the market as well as be the exclusive distributors for some.


We're also involved in several sponsorships including one bad ass lime green Turbo Stang driven by our good friend David "ESPN Dave" Beyer..





Here's some of the lines that we stock and have WD distributorships with:

Whipple Superchargers

Spec Clutches

Rams Clutches




Maximum Motorsports





Fore Precision Works

Canton Racing


Reichard Racing

Weapon X


Vortech Superchargers


Speed of Sound, LLC



Sniper Tuning

Wheel Replicas


And much much more!!!!


We're here to help you guys with anything you need. You're always welcome to call, email or PM us for information about the products we sell or to place an order. My name is Jared and myself and the rest of my staff are committed to giving you the best experience when ordering your performance parts! We look forward to assisting you.

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