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Anyones TPMS fail yet? Mine did.


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My car has only 200 miles and the dash has a "tire pressure sensor failure" light on all the time. I push the reset button and it goes away until the next restart. I wish it didn't have these stupid sensors in the tire. Any proper gearhead knows how and when to check the tires.



460 miles.......same message

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Any way to avoid the dealer?



I will next time as I bought the same tool they used.........Bartec $350 u.s., but really was not a big deal, 5 min fix and they did not drive it, I did after the retrain for a couple of miles and done deal. I wanted the tool so when I get my new wheels with bands and sensors, then I can do my own

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When I replaced two sensors that flew off during a dyno pull (don't use plastic wire ties to tie the sensors on :banghead: ), I took mine to the dealer who had the tool and trained them for free while I did the inside the car part. Actually took about 2 minutes and they didn't charge me - Thank you Planet Ford in Humble Texas.


The retraining sequence is this:


1. with the key "off" depress the brake pedal and release

2. turn the key from off to on 3 times and leave it on

3. while the key is in the "on" position, depress and release the brake pedal

4. turn the key "off" and "on" 3 more times

5. after the third turn to on, the car will honk twice and the information center will read "train L/F"

6. place the training box on the left front sidewall 180 degrees from the valve stem and press the "test" button on the box

7. the car will honk once and the information center will now read " train R/F"

8. repeat for the rest of the tires


The sensor has a motion detector in it that turns the sensor off automatically after 30 minutes of no movement so you may need to move the car a little before you start the training sequence.


You need to retrain or replace the sensor if it is broken, when the message center displays "tire pressure sensor failure". This is different from the low pressure warning light which looks like a yellow tire cross section.

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I have 881 miles and my car says low tire pressure but the tires are fine anyone else have this issue.


Had the same problem early this summer...had about 1,250 miles on the speedo.

Dash low pressure light came on & the pressure in the tires were Aokay.

Took it to the dealer & he verified that the sensor in the rear passenger side was not working...used a device that looked like a portable scanner.

Installed a new sensor & no problem since then.



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