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Shelbyfest In Hermann Goes Worldwide!!!!!!

Cobra Boy

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Shelbyfest 2008 In Hermann MO will take place April 19, 2008.


Last evening I had the priviledge of meeting Shelby mustang guru Jeff Yergovich of R&A Motorsports. Some of you may recognize the company name as the manufacturers of the new Twister Special mustangs.


Jeff also co-hosts a radio show every tueday evening that is also made available for webcast. He was so excited about my local mustang club, my mustang book I am publishing, as well as the Shelbyfest in Hermann, that he strayed from the intended schedule and highlighted the book and Shelbyfest. Sounds like he wants to participate on many levels. It was indeed and honor to get to spend so much time with someone with the knowledge level of Jeff. Best of all, he was a great guy. As a matter of fact, everyone at the company was excited to be a member of the team. Jeff, Julie, and Noel are all top notch individuals. Im looking forward to everyone that comes to Hermann in 08, getting to meet the folks from R&A Motorsports.


At any rate, if you would like to see the interview (they video as they broadcast for radio) the link is below. They archive a lot of their shows and there is some killer info on these things. Please check it out as they have invited me back after we have cemented some details for the 08 Shelbyfest, to talk about the event on our own segment. Whoooo, things are getting crazy fast. Very exciting.


All you Hermann veterans check this stuff out for sure.




Maybe we could get Robert and Sharon to post a link to this somewhere easy to find.


Thanks guys,

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Presently, we think that RA will have a great many staff members at Shelbyfest as well as some awesome cars. The co host of the radio show is a member of the Mid America Cobra Club and is bring a contingency of AC Cobras which will only add to the beautiful sites.


I should be able to create the initial press release sometime in the next two weeks or so.


Any of you guyst hat have vintage cars especially should browse through their shows. I have founf some killer info regarding restoring and maintaining my vintage cars. As a matter fo fact if you watch segment two of the video Shelbyfest is mentioned in, there is a gentleman singin the praises of Autolite carbs. Pretty interesting.


As the new Shelby's have more of a presence along with the other new "specialy" stangs, there will surely be more dedicated to the present day Ford performance and technology.


Neat Stuff.




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I can not wait for this. I'll be there and plan to get there early enough to make it to the track this year. I'm sure Kyle will be coming back again too as he is still working on me to open the the signed GT350 raffel winnings from last year. It's going to be hard to out do yourself but you are off to a great start!

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