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11 Second Race Videos


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I'd be interested in knowing that also. When you power-shift do you just not use the clutch and jam it into gear? Won't that mess up the tranny over time? Just curious cause I'm heading out to the track in a couple of weekends for the first time and don't want to embarass myself too bad.


No he uses the clutch.....he jsut leaves the gas on the floor.......That is power shifting!



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Thanks, I have been racing for many years now and power shifts are second nature


Tires are 26x11.6 17" ET streets on cobra rims with a best of 1.56 60' time

The other guy (member here but can't find him) didnt have spray but had same mods as mine with JBA full length headers, high flow cats and FRRP Borla mufflers, way to loud for my liking for the street but nice choice of colour (fastest)

It was his 1st time at the track so he had fun trying

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