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The people that are in charge of some Ford dealers....


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The people that are in charge of some Ford dealers make you wonder sometimes. They almost come off as being currupt'd.


I have been calling around looking for dealers that are selling the gT500 at MSRP. I have been doing this for Kevin aka 5.4 Shelby and other members of the site. I have already ordered at MSRP, and I state this to dealers I have contacted because before they know that I have placed an order and have a written signed purchase order for MSRP. They all seem to suggest that no one will sell at MSRP.


After telling them I am shopping around for others, and they hear I have a MSRP deal. All of them have offered to buy the car from me over MSRP.


I have been offered 10, 15, and 20K over MSRP for my car from dealers :shrug:


Almost every dealer I spoke with says they will not sell their Shelby GT500's, but place them on eBay for auction.


A few says they will take them to Barrett Jackson to be auctioned off.


What ever happen to customer loyalty?

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