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My GT500! Finally!

Andrew DeSpirito

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It's been mine since August 29, thanks to forum member NewEnglandRAIDER. She's my daily driver, and we started off with a nice 500-mile cruise from VT down to MD. Been enjoying the heck out of it so far...the looks you get in this car never stop!


Some pics, after a long afternoon of washing and detailing...






1,500 miles so far, and she's a dream to drive! Worth every personal sacrifice I had to make in order for the Boss ( :lol2: ) to allow the purchase.

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Congrats MMM. :happy feet:


Looking good. Any mods comming your way ?


I would say "no," because I've said I wanna keep her bone-stock, but considering my last "upgrade" got me 200hp (GT to Shelby!), I don't think I've seen the end of my mods. CAI and tune is probably first, followed by LCAs, exhaust, etc. etc. etc.


But for now I think my wallet has taken enough of a beating. :hysterical2:



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Indeed. The GT500 is fun to drive long distance. I've done two myself. Indiana to Missouri (400 miles) and Missouri to Mississippi (530 miles).

Fun, I agree. Comfortable, not so much for me. Maybe I'm just too old, but I've found that due to the firm suspension and low seating position I need to get out and stretch about every 2 hours. It's not a complaint...I wouldn't change a thing, but my Honda is much more comfortable on long drives. :happy feet:

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