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Stripes for the vert


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I cannot find info on getting factory stripes on a convertable. All the pics I have seen do not have the factory stripes. Does anyone know if it is available as a factory option? Thanks.



Over the top stripes are not available on the convertible. Only side stripes for verts.


You have to order the top stripes for the coupe and use those. You can order them through any Ford Parts Department. Then have them installed after the fact or install them yourself. They can not be ordered as a factory option.

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Thanks, so I take it that the factory stripes on the coupes are decals and not paint?



Not decals. They are 3M vinyl.


Way back in the beginning before this car went into production Ford said they were going to be factory painted stripes. That got changed to using vinyl instead.


So if you want to later add stripes you can either order them through any Ford Parts department which they come pre-cut, or you can have them custom painted on.

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I have a 2008 GT500 Convertible on the showroom floor. It's red with white tape stripes and has every available option, including the shaker 1000, EXCEPT navigation. The MSRP is a little over $52K. Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.





I'm getting a torch red vert with black side strips, #1 hot looking ride...

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