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Ode to Eleanor My GT 500


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I have been reading all the post about adms and how many cars were made or are going to be made . I submit this poem to put to rest all the worry !


" Ode to Eleanor My GT 500 "


I go to the garage and see you sitting there


Our next drive is on my mind with excitement to spare


As I remove your cover and first see you chin


My face displays a familiar grin


The turn of a key and your Borla's start to roar


And our neighbors protect there ears as we exit once more


I turn,I brake,I shift and began to have fun


And now once again we have become one


Then the traffic clears and I check for the heat


Oh the rush of adrenalin it is so so sweet


I hammer your pedel and we launch to Warp Drive


Warp 1,Warp 2, Warp 3, Wow Scotty she's alive !


Only a few that try to stay with us have a chance


Most don't have the legs for this fast dance


Then it's a stop at the wash to get you all clean


The thumbs up and the hi five's you aways create a seen


Our trip home is full of satisfaction for you and for me


You got your run , and I lost all my stress, that is the key


Because of you my pockets are empty, now I see


But it's worth every penny to hear my wife call you to be


" Her Highness "

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