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Mustang Aftermarket Tuners


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I was doing a bit of surfing since wifey isn't feeling well (on Mom's day to boot!).


I looked at the Roush site and Saleen's web site.


After seeing what they're asking for their cars, I asked myself who in the world would buy one?


Saleen - has an Extreme Mustang with 550 hp for $68k.

Roush - has a "Roushcharged" Mustang with 415 hp for about $58k.


Am I missing something here?


Both cars have all sorts of skirts and spoilers and graphics.


Neither has the Shebly front end clip or the name.


I think Jack needs to be lucky he's winning in NASCAR!


Oh - Saleen has a Parnelli Jones edition coming out - with a big-old race number on the doors - and 370 hp for "$50-60k." :doh:


Thanks Bill and Carroll!


Let's ride. :shift:

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I think a lot of us here have researched pricing of the tuner Mustangs and come away with the same conclusions about value for the performance offered. The Shelby GT500 is by far the best bang-for-the-buck, even with a moderate ADM.

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I still think the Saleen Extreme will toast the GT500 - stock for stock. You invariably will get what you pay for. The GT500 doesn't look to be that limited though but you're right... might not see many on the road... they'll be in storage in the Arizona desert while their owners sip Cosmopolitans on the veranda and wait for the value to increase above MSRP + ADM.


Actually, when I order mine, I'm just going to get it straight from the Ford parts bins. I will have them ship it to me (unassembled) in little boxes, er... except the really big pieces... and in 2037 I will put the parts up for sale at Barrett-Jackson. It will be the lowest mileage GT500 there and I'll become fabulously wealthy from the proceeds.


:happy feet:






The bad part is I have noticed at local shows and events that the people with these cars have just as much bad attitude about the GT500 as the guys with 2003-2004 Cobra's...I just want to hang out and talk mustang without the attitude. Looks like I'll have to find a GT500 only club, but with limited cars and many not being driven much that may be hard to do. Also I am not buying at $20000 over MSRP like most in my area so I may not fit in with docters and lawyer (or whoever can afford $20000+) for a car. Why can't we all just get along? :wacko: :shift:


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