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By Request: '08 Ambient Lighting Pics


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I've received a lot of requests for pics of the '08 GT500 ambient lighting option. Overall, I think the ambient lighting option is underwhelming.


The brightness of the lighting around the cup holder is OK , but the front and rear footwell areas are beyond dim. Ford only provided (1) LED per footwell. They really needed to put 3-4 in each to make it effective. BTW, I had to cheat & raise the "gamma" of the footwell pic of my foot to make the blue ambient light obvious.


If I wanted to make the ambient lighting more effective, I would buy a few more LEDs from Ford and wire them in...but I don't want to hack the wiring harness.


The button next to the cupholder in the first pic is the button you use to cycle thru the color choices (with off being one of the choices).


Here are the pics:





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Thanks for the pics. I like this, although not sure about the high cost.


Probably should have added at least more than One LED per footwell..


But then again they may have wanted it to be a subtle feature in the footwells

and not a lighting distraction.

I think brighter would have been better... Since it has an OFF button.. :banghead:


The Cost though isnt too high at $295 for this option... but more bang for the buck

would be nice.

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