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SGT Interior Treatment versus Wheel Treatment


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A friend of mine has been circling the car lots looking at SGT's and has noticed an interesting thing. He believes the steering wheel is keyed to wheel color. If you get polished wheels, you get an aluminum-trimmed steering wheel like the one in our SGT (see the first pic below). If you get the black wheels, you get a non-trimmed steering wheel.


This leads to a few questions:

1) Is he correct? I checked another black one last night and it had a plain wheel.


2) Can you get polished wheels on a black SGT? All we have seen had black wheels.


3) We have an '08 GT500 with charcoal interior. It comes with basic mustang floor mats. I would like to use the SGT mats if they are the same color and have the Shelby emblem on them. Do the charcoal mats have the emblem like ours do (see the second pic below)?




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Your friend is incorrect about the sterring wheel. I have a black Shelby GT which came with the black wheels and I have the silver trimmed sterring wheel. More likely you are seeing cars without the interior upgrade package. The interior upgrade package adds a leather wrap steering wheel and I guees the silver trim you are talking about. Nex time check the steering wheel does it have the rubbery standard wrap also cars with IUP have all six gauges in the cluster.


My understanding from SAI is you can not buy the Shelby GT fllormats. They are a one set per car set. I don't think owners can even get a replacement set. Have you looked into the signature set that shelbyperformanceparts.com sells. You can get them color keyed to your car if you like. It comes with all four mats and there is also a trunk mat optional....or does it come with? I am not sure.

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