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Were all Nor Cal SGTs Manuals?


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Were all Nor Cal SGTs Manuals?

I have never seen any stats posted breaking down Nor Cal edition production numbers based on transmission type, only on interior color. From what I have read (I am by no means an expert, just an enthusiast) the CSM #s ranged from 4468 to 5686. Of the 202 that were made, 112 were Black and 90 were White.

Of the 112 Black, 19 had the Light Graphite (Grey) interior, and of the 90 White, 34 had the Light Graphite (Grey) interior. (These numbers are from old forum/Facebook posts.)

Over the years, I have found around 40 of the 202 that were built. What stands out to me is that every one of those 40 are manuals. 

I assume that the majority of those that were produced had Black with black interior.  I am sure that IF there were any automatic Nor Cals made of either color, they'd be among the rarest.

I am a bit of a number's nerd, so forgive me for nerding out on the stats. LOL!

My Shelby GT (CSM No. 07SGT5186) is a Black Manual Nor Cal Edition with Black Leather interior.

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