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2011 GT500 Engine tapping


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Hey guys, been around on the other forums for years, thought I'd try this site to get some opinions/experince with my GT500.

First off, let me say this is NOT a ticking sound that a lot of guys have reported with these cars and eariler model years as well. It's most definitley a tapping that litterly starts/stops, most best described as someone tapping two marbles together.  The car has just under 15k miles on it, and recently did this after a drive into town a month or so ago. Everything led me to believe a valve lasher failing on the drivers side. I would have bet the farm on it. 

That said, I went for broke and tore the drivers side apart, but all new intake/exhaust lashers in, reassembled and bam..............damn car is still doing it. I inspected all the followers very closely, zero sign of anything amiss. I'm thinking, okay, maybe it's the passenger side, but it's defintely the driver side as you get even it hear it at the tailpipes much more pronounced on that side. Here's a short video:


Car has a distinct miss and noticed it while driving the last time, enough to make me turn around and come home to see what was up and immediately noticed the tapping when I pulled into the garage. No codes, oil is fine...........there is no internal damage. I even scoped the bores when I had it apart, all is well so I'm not facing any sort of catostrophic engine failure or drivetrain here. 

To me it almost seems like an oiling issue, as the inconistancy here is a bit odd to me. I've had it apart once here, so doing it again if I need to, but what am I chasing at this point? Anyone have an experience/ideas? I've definitely found a few videos with the same exact noise and it varied from oil changes to valve lashers, but I've not heard a consistant theme. It's getting some fresh MC 5W-50 in the am, but this is really the last thing I've got up my sleeve before I pull the cover off again. 


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