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I'm sold on the Ram twin disc clutch to replace my stock clutch (08-GT500). Where to start? In/around Central GA)


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My 08-GT500 had the 09-19-11 Clutch done @ 6,000 miles and I'm starting to feel the clutch slipping with only about 25K miles on it. No street/drag racing, don't ride the clutch and have only ever een "punched it" to the floor 10 or so times since the TSB, so I'm QUITE disappointed. WTH is causing this? Anyway, from all I've read I'm comfy with a do it right once, and hopefully will never need to do it again approach of replacing the stock clutch with the Ram twin disc one. But, where to start? I won't be doing any of the work myself (I'm SO have no skills/equipment to replace the clutch myself). So how to find a good, trusted, place to go to, tell-em what I need and have the work done. Anywhere around central GA (closest city being Atlanta to anywhere around the Atlanta area would be PERFECT!).

Also, anybody have a SWAG on what kind of $$ I'm looking at for a drive in, all the work is done there, then drive out with a new Ram twin disc Clutch? All SWAGs are welcome.

Thanks much!

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