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Difficult decision


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Sorry to hear that. I wish you luck on a speedy sale. Are you getting something else eventually ?



+1 - inquiring minds want to know!! Also, can you share with us why you decided to sell...not enough power :hysterical:

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I'm sure I'll miss the Mustang. I've had no problems with the car. Even the trunk light worked perfectly! I'm not replacing it just now, but ask me in a week and you might get a different answer. I may even order another GT500 (I love the Vapor color w/ black stripes). I must say though, I find some of the new Audi vehicles with the Lamborghini engines to be quite appealing. I also have a new Tundra (no flames please) as my daily driver. Believe it or not that 5,500 lb truck hauls a$$ when you stomp on it.


By the way, I bought the car for $3k over and sold it for the exact same amount. Wish I could do that with every vehicle I purchased.


Best of luck to all with your cars.



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