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08-Clutch Slipping/TSBs and Tires


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Hey Rob,

Apologies for the direct message to ya. We chatted MUCH before the forum moved (then I kept getting security warnings for some reason), so I just finally re-joined and have a couple of questions (since my Clutch MIGHT be slipping, you know give it a bit of gas and if I'm not careful it might tach all the way to redline):

How many total TSBs have their been on the 08-vintage GT500s, and is there a list of them somewhere? When I go into the dealer I'd perfer to be armed with data. My 08 had what is listed as "Perform TSB 09-19-11 replace clutch Kit" back in 2010 and pretty sure there was at least 1, if not 2, more TSBs after that.

2-nd question - Is there a Tires, or Wheels and Tires thread? My stock tires (I had 3 sets actually, got 2 when Shelby Performance Parts liquidated them all) are about done, and they never did have good traction when the temp when below 40-degrees, so I'm looking for the best tires I can get the the stock 18" wheels (with the same width, etc. specs.). They are actually GT500KR Rims that I "located" around 2011-is, so I'm sticking with stock sizes.

Thanks much and read you're in local politics now! Do what ya can to make the area the best it can be!

Thanks much and let me know.


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Please look at the subforum indexes and use search.   Both of these topics have been discussed many times. 

I doubt seriously you're going to get any TSBs performed 10+ years after.    There are much more robust after market clutches.

Tires have gone through many evolutions.  People seem to like the Pilots but finding the right size can be tough.  Again, look at the indexes and try search. 

No matter what, you're going to find that the speed rated tires for this class of car are not going to be cold weather friendly.  It's a trade off. If the car is a daily driver and you need cold weather tires you could try some regular winter tires since you're probably not going to the track during the winter time anyway. 

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Just an update that $3,800 later, I have a new OEM clutch and flywheel, that was installed at my local dealership. Yea, I'll be looking into after-marker clutches for "next time". Not sure what caused it (only have 35K on the car and 24K since the 3rd generation TSB was done) but it is what it is.

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