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Car To Be Featured in Regional Ads

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I guess (the Cinninatti Regional Sales Manager) Ford wants to use pictures of us with our car and the e-mail I sent back to the dealership after we picked up our car in various advertisements. It's kind of flattering and I know it will probaly be limited to newspaper, magazine ads, or local TV runs maybe but it's still kind of cool.


The regional sales manager noticed our car as my salesman set a picture of it as his wallpaper on his computer and it caught his eye. Our salesman then started showing him all of the e-mails I've sent that last 2.5 years and the last one I sent him really caught his eye, where I was thanking him and the dealership for staying true to their word. I had never conducted any bussiness with them and told them I was looking for a Ford dealership that I could do bussiness with both now and in the future and that it all depended on me being able to but a GT500. I make no bones about the fact that I'm a reformed GM man who's owned and bought only Ford's sent 1989. No Asian and no European for me thank you. Please no flaming on that comment, I'm just sharing the fact that they've chosen us and our car for advertisements. Anyway; he told our salesman to get permission from me for advertisement use and that my e-mail would make a great testimonial for Ford.


I asked the salesman where the regional manager was from and he said Cinncinatti so I don't know how big the regions are. I bought my car from Jasper Indiana which is located near the southwest part of Indiana. A 2 hour and 20 minute drive for us as we're locted North of there and closer to Indianapolis.


Just sharing folks.



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