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Hi all, I have been considering an ST for a while and am actively looking for the right one now. I came across one that says Shelby and was intrigued. I was unaware that there ever was a Shelby ST, so I have been researching this heavily. Now I see that there were only a tiny handful made. How do I verify whether it is authentic?

The VIN number through carfax doesn't show anything unusual. The car appears to have the right wheels, carbon back "shelby" panel, vented hood, and unusual two tone leather seats. Comparing photos with Mecum and BJ auctions I can see that the black Mecum one had a special ID plate in front of the shifter, but the yellow 2013 shown in a video review on this forum does not have that plate so I am unsure whether it was on all cars. The one I am looking at does NOT have that ID plate inside. I have not yet seen under the hood to see if it has the carbon engine cover.

Are there any solid ways to verify this based on the VIN or other visual cues? Were things like the vented hood and carbon "shelby" rear panel available as aftermarket items for non-shelby STs?

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