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725hp 40th with 100 miles

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Looking for some help with value on a 40th. It has been verified by Shelby to be an original 725hp version. Blue with silver stripes from 07 with polished blower. It has 100 miles! Never been on the road, wipers and antenna still wrapped in plastic in the trunk.  From an estate sale that I am currently negotiation with.

Are there any recent sales of 725hp version?  If I do obtain the car we may look into the auction route to sell the car. A few local contacts have also expressed interest but determine a value is a challenge. Any tips would be appreciated.

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4 hours ago, carnut12 said:

Nice Ride, my guess is in the low $40’s, but I don’t have a lot of info to back that up.  Hopefully you didn’t buy as an investment.


Beautiful Car

If I paid $10 it would be a pretty good investment don’t you think ;)

Your guess of $40’s would be pretty accurate for a standard 40th anniversary package (one of the 300 or so). This is one of 21 with the 725hp upgrade, and only 4 with polished blower in blue. Pretty confident it’s worth a lot more than $40’s, just not sure the best avenue to pursue the sale. I can’t find any sales within the past few years of a similar car. 

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