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CARB, Snakes in the Sierras, and a Wet Woody! Saturday June 27, 2020

CSM 350R

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What could these possibly have in common? Well, let me tell you!

I have an issue with a proposed California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulation that, among other things, would affect Cold Air Intakes, ECM’s, Intercoolers and Superchargers as seen here:


These devices are often at the heart of what makes a Shelby the performance vehicle which Carroll envisioned and has served us so well for decades. Any proposed change to the current regulations needs to be carefully reviewed so that future performance options aren’t compromised or restricted.

Let’s exercise our First Amendment rights and ensure our voices and cars are heard regarding this important matter! We’re allowed to partake in protest caravans* - so let’s hit the road and demonstrate.

I will be meeting other likeminded Shelby enthusiasts in Folsom this Saturday morning and then caravanning to Tahoe. We can enjoy our vehicles and a great cruise through the beautiful Sierras! And what day isn’t complete without stopping for lunch (and maybe a Wet Woody) lakeside before heading home?

For more information, please email me at svtnaja.tspcr@gmail.com and I will provide details.

Stay safe and healthy!




*https://covid19.ca.gov/stay-home-except-for-essential-needs/ (As of June 24th)

Protected activities:

If collective action in physical space is important to you, consider whether you and other participants can safely protest from within your cars.  The State Public Health Officer does not consider in-car activities to be gatherings, if participants stay in their cars and otherwise remain apart from individuals who are not part of their households.  Many activists have organized car-based protests (honking horns, flying flags, displaying signs, and so on) to express their political views while complying with State public health directives. 

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3 hours ago, twobjshelbys said:

What is SEMA's position on this?

It is particularly important as many states are now adopting CA emissions standard by reference.  Nevada just did...


I don't know what SEMA's position is regarding this matter.

I suspect like most enthusiasts, SEMA wouldn't want to see CARB further restrict how we can modify our vehicles.

If you look at how recent the CARB document date is, there's a good chance this hasn't popped up on SEMA's radar yet.

Regardless, it needs to be carefully monitored by the performance community (and their lawyers) to ensure CARB doesn't impact our freedom of modification choices. 



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As a former Californian, before escaping in the middle of the night, I can tell you that CA and especially CARB doesn't care a whit about SEMA, attorneys or anyone else. They are completely autonomous and as egotistic as one can imagine. They know how much influence they wield and really enjoy it. Not only that but they kneel at the altar of the green new deal.

Having said that I'm sure CARB will reasonable and sensitive to our requests, needs and suggestions...:hysterical2:

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Diane and I took our first "road trip" with SHELBY BLU today in a "single car cruise" from Old Towne Sacramento up to South Lake Tahoe and over the Tahoe City Area.  I can see why it is so popular for Team Shelby Members to cruise up there as a group.   SHELBY BLU is our Lightning Blue 2017 Shelby GTE Ecoboost Premium Coupe that was just converted by 
Chris Ruby @Shelby American, LVN two weeks ago.    nascarbilly



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We are glad to be back and excited to hopefully do some SHELBY events, especially here in Nor Cal.  Timing is everything in life and the COVID-19 mess has really thrown things off.  In any event, we have set aside our entire March calendar anxiously awaiting word on the exact dates of the 2021 BASH in LVN.   SHELBY BLU's color is Diane's favorite and the CSM# has our anniversary date in it.    Nascarbilly

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