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2007 Shelby gt500 acting up


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So I recently purchased a 2007 Shelby gt500 with 18k miles. The day I was driving it home from the dealership it drove fine there and as I was coming home the clutch started to slip. The clutch would on slip when the car was warm from driving. So I got a new clutch put in from the dealership. So I did the break in 500 miles on my new clutch and it drives good. But the problem I’m having is, when I start the car in the morning. It drives hard and fast. After driving for about 30 minutes the car has no power. It doesn’t go over 120 mph. And it’s just being very slow in every gear. Kind of the same problem I was having when the clutch was slipping? Any ideas on what it can be? Or what to look at?

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