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Best choice for protecting the hood and paint?

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What experience do owners have with protecting the hood and paint on their GT350s?

There are many choices now. Some recommend traditional wash and wax, but some people are using 3M films while other people are having ceramic coatings applied. There are even do it yourself ceramic spray applications as well as combination applications.

I really want to protect the finish of my car. What do you recommend? Does anyone have a success story? Or a nightmare story? What is the best bang for your buck choice?

Thanks in advance for what you can share.

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You're right.  When I had my Mustangs I used Turtle Wax - clay bar down to start, then turtle wax paste (2 coats) finish off with spray detailer, then detailer as needed for minor cleanups, turtle wax car wash for major cleanings.  Did the same thing on my Cobra.   Down side is that this is just cosmetic, no protection, and multiple washings on black and British Racing Green paint showed the microscratches such that a pro detail was needed every two years.

On my Ford GT I had the film applied to "front facing surfaces".  Xpel or others.  Very effective for minor road chips (if you can see it in the film consider yourself having been saved!). 


Then the ceramic coatings came along...   These can be applied over the Xpel films too.

Film and coating can be pricey - I think the last I heard a 05-06 GT was about 5-6K total, and that the new FGT was well over 10K due to its size. 


Certainly if you're going to do it at all you'll do more than the hood though.  The hood is the least likely piece to take a road hit.  As I said, "front facing surfaces" first.  (They considered rocker panels front facing.)

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