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2013 GT500 Super snake MAF issues (Solved 6/17/2020

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Hello all,

Anyone else have or experienced any issues with ford oem mass airflow sensor on there 2013-14 850 horsepower kenne bell 3.6litre package setup?


UPDATE 6/17/2020: Since i've owned my 2013 Super snake it always kinda felt like it lagged acceleration and when it went into boost. Although everything seemed to be working and running correctly something just didnt seem right. After hooking up obd scanner i discovered i had several pending faults over a course of time PO100 and PO2099. But never generated any Permanent faults or MIL lights. I Replaced the MAF and stilled had same pending fault issues. Come to find out after some more investigating I had an intermittent short in the harness connector  part #  DR3Z-12A690-A. After doing some data logging previously it explains why my AFR and fuel trims were off and the PO2099 rich Fault. Just thought id share my experience with you all. The snake is running great now after replacing the harness. Never give those chevy/ mopar guys and inch! Lol Hope this might help someone else experiencing any similiar issues.


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Solved MAF wiring issues
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