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Can anyone identify this part?

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I was interested in it as a piece of art for my garage but I'm wondering what it is. The person

selling it doesn't know what it is either. I searched quite a bit and I don't see any Shelby horn or other ornaments like that.





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38 minutes ago, jrzycobra said:

I could see that. Did Cragar make custom caps like that?

I dunno man, It could be Cragar, or it could have been made by any of the dozens of aftermarket manufacturers that have come and gone over the past 5 decades. You may want to post and inquire over on the SAAC Forums, or Club Cobra, they have a lot of people over there that are in to the 60/70 era Shelby Vehicles and obscura. This site is more oriented towards the modern era Shelbys, but keep an eye out, someone else may chime in here. You can go out to Cragar to look at more detail of the current caps they offer. Good Luck and lets us know what you find out.


Here is an example of a current "CS" Cap from Cragar.


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Your welcome. Here is one similar to your cap  on ebay,  but it has SS and a "bar" across the body of the Snake.


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Always glad to help a fellow Shelby Enthusiast. You could take your center cap and mount it to a plaque about 6" wide by maybe 12" tall and put a metal bottle opener a few inches underneath the cap and wall mount it in your garage for a nice conversation piece........and besides, every Shelby Enthusiast needs something to open a beer in the garage.....😀

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