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Stalling/Running Rich After Battery Removal

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A few days ago I pulled the car (2007 GT500) into the garage to install a backup camera and new rear view mirror.  The install went smoothly, but at one point I disconnected the battery when I was doing some investigating in the fuse box (I ended up removing the gauge cluster fuse, but put it back in 5 minutes later). Nothing else was changed or disconnected.

The battery was disconnected for probably about an hour. Once I finished everything up, the car fired right up then stalled within 3 seconds and the exhaust smelled extremely rich. This started yesterday and I still haven't been able to narrow down the issue.

I considered going through the relearn procedure, but I can't keep the engine running long enough to get through it. It dies even if I open the throttle. I pulled all of the plugs and nothing seemed off, but I ended up replacing them since I already had them out.

I checked they battery and the volts are within range and checked the alternator as well.

As it stands now, it fires up instantly, but as soon as the idle starts to settle the car stalls out and the exhaust reeks of fuel.

Just to stress this, other than removing the battery and pulling/replacing one fuse, nothing else was altered. I ended up wiring the backup camera into the reverse lights and that still works fine as well.

Thanks in advance and any help is greatly appreciated.


*I have a JLT CAI installed (car was properly tuned after install).

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