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LIMITED 2020 Team Shelby Bash “Swag Bags” for sale in The Shelby Store!


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Found an interesting item in the Shelby Store for sale.

 With the recent pandemic still ongoing it was announced earlier that the Year 2020 Team Shelby Bash in Las Vegas has been cancelled. That evidently left some really nice “ Swag” available. We can all show our support for Shelby by ordering a Shelby Swag Bag with several nice items inside made available to all. Below is a picture, a list of items and a link:


  • A one - off hat made just for the 2020 Team Shelby Bash
  • A Team Shelby Bash collector pint glass
  • A special Team Shelby Bash vent magnet created with artwork by famed Ford GT designer Camillo Pardo
  • Commemorative hand sanitizer travel pack, which is perfect for a track day or road trip
  • Shelby ear buds to jam to your favorite tunes
  • Gift bag

These are currently selling at a really good price point of only $34.95. Who knows ,maybe these items will be collectible in the future or will at least make for an interesting conversation, because they are from “The Team Shelby Bash That Never Was”. Quantities are limited so be sure and order while they last.

Here is the link to click on to review and place an order


 To show you supported Team Shelby, Please be sure to sound off in here if you bought one. I just bought one. 

 Happy Hunting.:salute:

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9 hours ago, 2008GTC said:

Are the ear buds compatible with both Apple or Android phones? Thank you in advance for the information and the post. - Kevin

Hi Kevin 

My "Bash Box" shipment arrived today. The earbuds are the I7 mini wireless earbuds. The instructions in the box say compatible with Bluetooth V5.0

The back of the box says compatible with Iphone and Android. I have an Iphone 5s and the pairing was quick and easy. They sound great and have plenty of volume as well. Plus it's cool to have the Team Shelby logo on the case they come in. I bought the Bash Box specifically for the wireless earbuds. I was getting tired of running and working out with an old school wired set of earplugs.

Be sure to sound off in here if you buy .

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1 hour ago, DrHawkeye said:

Are those ear-buds noise cancelling/reducing?  The only time I use earphones is when I'm flying or mowing, so I would need noise cancelling/reducing ones.

The wireless ear buds are an inexpensive I7 mini. Don’t expect them to sound like a set of Bose units when they are included with 3 or 4 other items in a $34.95 gift bag. As far a noise cancelling no. They do cancel some background noise just due to being plugged in your ears. I went for a 1 hour run yesterday with them to test them out and they sounded way better than the pair of wired earbuds I had been using and I  didn’t hear any motorcycles, weed trimmers or leaf blowers in the background. They also fit well enough in my ears to not fall out while running or working out.  The other nice feature is they have small buttons on each one that you can listen to left right or both(for true stereo). The button also allows you to activate Siri on an phone or answer calls just by touching the button on the ear bud. If I get a call while running now (or working in my garage) I don’t have to stop running or working and fumble around to get the phone out of my pocket to answer it. The other nice thing is if I am working on my car I can leave my phone on top of a counter or my tool box and if my hands are greasy I don’t have to wipe them down before answering my phone. I can wipe the tip of my finger and just touch the earbud button. Again they aren’t the absolute best earbud on the market, but they are decent quality. The sound quality is better than my wired earbuds. I also tested the range from my iphone and it is about 30 to 40 feet which means I can move around my garage or step in to the kitchen and not lose signal. They come in a nice small case with the Team Shelby logo screen printed on it and the case has some back up battery reserve to recharge on the go and it also comes with a USB charging cable. Hope the review helps.


Here is a picture I took of the earbuds. They have indicator lighting while charging and show when fully charged as shown in the pic.



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Cool.  Appreciate the review.  Not expecting a great sound from ear buds (not even Bose which I think is crap), but noise cancelling would be nice.  I'm using a Bluetooth set now but it has the thing you wear around your neck, and even tho it's not a major pain, just having them in the ear would be slightly better.  They have noise cancelling, and it's significant amount, I can easily tell the difference when it's switched on.

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54 minutes ago, falcongtho3 said:

Got mine today and it is a really sweet package. Thanks for the heads up.

Sweet!.....I may order another one or two more for my nephews.

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3 hours ago, tesgt350 said:

How much is the Shipping (32311) it does say?

You must have done something wrong. You have to select your item, go to cart,  put in the 32311, then select the type of shipping and it comes up just fine. If not, just call them.

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Got mine on Saturday, just in time for Flag Day BBQ. And what better way to say Flag Day than a pint of Guinness? OK, maybe Pabst Red White and Blue, but they don't make that anymore. The logo would have shown up better.


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