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My 2007 Mustang Shelby GT project

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Hey there I am a 19 year old car enthusiast and starting out new to the Team Shelby forums I’ve owned my 07 Shelby GT since high school let me tell you more about my project I purchased a salvage 2007 Mustang Shelby GT white coupe with black stripes my CSM# is 07SGT5139 as you can see in the images the car had been in a serious wreck the owner at the time I’m assuming removed the Ford Racing CAI 90mm, Powered by Ford emblem on the fenders , Shelby trunk lettering, dash and motor plaque with my CSM#, Ford Racing strut tower brace, Shelby GT billet grille, and I believe based on pictures the GTA mufflers were damaged and were replaced with a different axle-back I purchased the vehicle with 23k miles and never really thought much about the car I purchased this off my friends dad since he never really drove it I started doing my research when I seen the car had Shelby GT on the fender but GT500 fender badges and faux cap something seemed off and I would always pay attention to the door silles that said “CS Shelby GT” well upon further research I believe I had a Shelby GT I did a vin search and sure enough I seen pictures when the car was wrecked and everything made sense why the car had a different hood, badging, and intake so I went on a search I wanted to put this car back to originality my Shelby GT still has its original Ford Racing handling kit I was able to locate the Ford Racing CAI still new in the box, Shelby GT faux cap, Shelby trunk lettering, and Powered by Ford fender badges I’m still searching for the grille and hood of course I needed to repair the front bumper, and had to act fast since I wanted to drive the car I ended up putting a GT500 fascia on the car in the meantime while I sent my bumper to be properly prepared my cousin who has his own body shop and does work for dealers and insurance claims he said he had seen the car before when it was in it’s totaled stage he knew the guy who purchased it from the auction and came to my cousin to repair the car since he does amazing work unfortunately the guy didn’t like my cousins quote and the dude ended up doing a half job on the car and putting the wrong emblems back on and swapping the original hood out and now here I am trying to restore it back to it’s original look to back up my story my cousin gave me the original hood scoop that came originally on the car the guy had taken it off to part and my cousin bought it off him he had it sitting there for 8 years and it’s finally found it’s way back to the car I hope you guys enjoy my story here are pictures of when I first purchased the car the look then and now I still have the original bumper, headlights, and wheels I’m just waiting to paint the car and hopefully while waiting I can find the grille, pins, and hood to install the hood scoop back on




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Its awesome to see someone willing to save these amazing cars! Every one lost is a tragedy and every Shelby is a part of modern automotive history! I know that I wish I had the resources and the space to do the same and bring the wrecked ones back to their former glory! Welcome to Team Shelby and to being a part of the SGT Fam! I think that you will find everyone here will be an asset in your venture to restore your Shelby GT! 


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Welcome to Team Shelby. Always good to see a young person step in to the Shelby fold. You should be able to easily find an original aluminum hood at a salvage yard to attach your original hood scoop to. When you do decide to replace the hood and attach the scoop, look at the link below for specifics on how to do it properly. Good luck in your quest to return your car to its former glory and keep us up to date on your progress.




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@mhr1961 thank you I appreciate being apart of Team Shelby and learning new things on these cars everyday, the progress on the vehicle is turning out amazing I have the replacement stripes with the Shelby GT decals for the side rockers, I have quite the people who want to take on the job and restore the whole vehicle taking it down to bare metal and do everything properly on the car I’m hoping anywhere between tomorrow or the beginning of July I can drop the car off for paint I just received my Shelby GT authenticity certificate in the mail 

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