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Carlisle Ford Nationals


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Received a email  Ford Nationals moved to the end of July.Called the hotel we stayed in last year with Team Shelby, hotel is already booked for another event.If you have not called for a room for the new date better do so ASAP. Hotel was taken by surprise with the date change they said.Seems like a pretty big mess.May decide to sit this year out.

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Have you signed up for the East Coast Grand Nationals?  I have blocked out a large portion of the host hotel just for Team Shelby members who have already registered, and those who will be registering in the future.  That may be why the hotel told you they were booked.

An email will be going out later today with updates to all those on the Team Shelby Northeast distribution list, with more information.  

If you want to be added to the list, please PM me your email address.

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Hey Bill, thanks for the update. I’ll be going to Carlisle again this year Thursday through Sunday. Staying at the Homewood suites again with the Mach 1 registry. Just drove my 07’ gt500 with 67000 miles on it that I bought new down to Hickory NC on May 27 th to trade it for a 14, gt500 with 33,000 . Drove it back home 8 hrs in a monsoon the next day. What a difference 7 years makes. Loving the decision to go with the 5.8 . Car is a blast and a totally different animal than the 07’ which I loved as well!,  Chris


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Well Ford Carlisle did not disappoint this year even with the Covid-19 cloud that has been trying to kill ( no pun intended) enthusiasm for everything! Great crowd and showing of cars , Fairgrounds did a great job keeping everyone as safe as they wanted...70’ Mach ran great  and I probably dropped 10 lbs sweating behind that big block as the weather was plenty hot driving up and back.Looking forward to catching up with Team Shelby Northeast members in the 14’Gt500 this fall if any events are still planned!!

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