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Selling a Shelby Truck


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Would anyone be able to tell me the best way to sell a Shelby truck. I am getting crazy low ball numbers from the place I  bought it from. They are tell me the all the upgrades are not worth anything they can only give me what the base truck is. I would never bought this truck if i know this was the case. Any thoughts? 

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Seems like you've got two or three ads going here.  It's not necessary to do multiple postings.  There is a for sale section.

To answer, this place is a start.  You do have to have a price though. 

Ebay of course.   Craigs list.  You do understand that you can list the ad in areas other than your own, so find a hot spot for that type of vehicle and list it there.

Bring-a-trailer auction place. Some people really like it, and it's really not too hard to be 1000 times better than ebay.

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Yes sorry about the 2 post I hit back and it posted 2 times, could not figure out how to delete it. I did post a post in the for sale area. And its on Craigs list, let it go and offer up. 

As far as the price I am not sure i see them posted for $75 - 95K, somewhere in that range.  I will look into bring-a-trailer. 




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