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Its time to bring these great Shelby's back into the conversation where it seems all the talk is just about the GT350's & GT500's so I would like to see ALL Terlingua owners S197 and S550 post a picture of your Shelby and list any Mods you might have done that wasn't done at factory!! What Mods if any do you want to add?

I think the S550 Terlingua is so great I haven't done anything, but if I can stay healthy I plan to race it more and would consider upgrading the Coil-Overs like JRZ or Ohlins or JRi. An adjustable Carbon Fiber front Splitter would be great

Terlingua Shelby Bash 2017 2.jpg

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Good idea, I have the first of the S197 Terlinguas, it is exactly like it came from the mod shop. I love the car, take her out for the yearly Terlingua charity we run as a 5013C in Terlingua and occasionally just drive it as it is such fun.

Also shown is Ol Yeller the 1965 Terlingua built for, driven by and enjoyed for many years by Bill Neale. I have the great pleasure of sharing Ol Yeller now with others. This pic is Ol Yeller at the Portico of Legacy last year.

Fear the Bunny!



Pics attached.



Vorpl side.jpg

Ol Yeller 2.jpg

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Both look great!! Wonder if SAI would do a Bronco Terlingua as I guarantee they would Sell more of these than the Shelby Raptors

I never see the 1st Gen Terlingua's at all and if I didn't buy the Shelby GT/SC I might have bought one. I heard they only built 1 1st Gen Terlingua would like to add that to go with my only Red 2nd Gen but no one has seen it.

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