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Just Maybe??? - “Snakes at the Lake” – Saturday June 27, 2020


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First, I hope all of you, your families and friends are safe and healthy in this crazy time of COVID-19.

Who would have imagined we would see an event like this in our lifetime where we are huddled in our homes 24/7 with loved ones, and passing on many of our routine activities?

I know all of you are doing your best to help flatten the curve and together, soon, we will win this battle against a formidable foe!

Our healthcare workers are true heroes and I can only believe Carroll is waving a checkered flag for each of them in this race for our health.

I've heard from several veterans of "Snakes at the Lake" asking if we are planning for SATL-11. Many of them were disappointed when the Shelby Bash was canceled due to the Coronavirus.

It's way too early to make a decision about our annual event from Old Town Sac to Lake Tahoe, and certainly a GO - NO GO is weeks away.

But maybe, just maybe by June 1st or so, our Federal, State and Local authorities will allow gatherings again where "social distancing" is a condition to do so.

So the purpose of this thread is to let you tentatively pencil in the scheduled SATL-11 date and create a place to communicate the possibility of our event taking place.

We need to know from you, if authorities were to signal an "A OKAY" for groups to gather while practicing social distancing, whether you would attend.

I've emailed many of you tonight with a link to this thread. We will also post/pin this on the Team Shelby - Pacific Coast Region Facebook page. Your feedback is welcomed on either platform. 

We all want to get back to something close to the "normal" we knew before COVID-19, including enjoying our common interest in all things Shelby!

Let's keep our fingers crossed. Best of health to you all! 


PS: Here's a look back at previous good times!



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Jim, Denise and I would be in except for a camping trip to the Grand Canyon to meet the stepson and family from New Jersey. If they can't come then I think we can make it.  I love the catered lunch but maybe with things that might get opened up with "little notice" what about just a cruise from Sacto to some restaurant (Sunnyside?) for lunch? Anyway, keep up the good work,Brad

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Thank you Jim.  If we are given the OK to gather while social distancing?  Myself and my family would love to be there.  My youngest daughter Anna is so looking forward to join the cruise to Lake Tahoe in her new red ecoboost convertible, and Robin and I are also looking forward to seeing everyone.  But I honestly dont think the Ban on gathering will be lifted that soon.  Maybe we could just do the cruise if that happens?  Thanks Jim for your tireless Efforts.   Bogdanich Family.


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As of this morning (05/28/20), according to Channel 3 local news, Tahoe is opening but only for essential travel.  Not sure how that works when they are talking about opening up the Casinos.  I guess gambling must be considered essential.  Still hopeful that all restrictions will be lifted shortly so we can cruise. 

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2 hours ago, DValenz said:

Just read online that Reno and S Lake Tahoe are reopening casinos June 4th. So if that’s happening I don’t see why we can’t participate in the run on June 27th!

That week is pretty much when Nevada casino properties are starting to reopen but it's going to be measured and slow and full capacity may not be realized for months if within the foreseeable future.    Some facilities will be ahead of others especially those that are owned/operated by the same operating companies.  For example, in Vegas, some MGM properties  are opening others are not, so as to concentrate their business instead of spreading it around.

The owner of one casino chain gave away 1000 flights  from airports all across the country to draw people to Vegas.  They were gone within an hour!!!

Bottom line is that you should check with the specific facility you plan on using to host.  I'm sure they will stand on their heads to get your business. 


Good Luck!!!


PS.  We need your sales tax.

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