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Help with my Series 1


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Looking for some technical assistance/guidance with my no start Series 1, #5208.  I believe the fuel pump is shot, when I turn the key I do not hear the typical 5 second pressure cycle.  Both the 10 amp fuel pump fuse and relay appear to be OK.  I sprayed carb cleaner into the intake and was able to get the car to momentarily fire, so I'm confident I have a working ignition. The car sat un-started for two years, so I suspect the fuel pump is frozen.  Anyone near the Philadelphia PA area can offer some technical assistance/support to remove the gas tank and install a new pump?  I'd love to speak with anyone having direct experience with this project.  Thanks!  I can be reached via email: dennispitzer@yahoo.com.

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See also here for pointers to some other people:


Just so you know the Series 1 area here doesn't get alot of traffic.  This forum is mostly about the modern era Mustangs with the older stuff thrown in.  With only 249 official and a few rollers, there aren't a lot of active Series 1 owners here.  If you're looking for answers you'd be best off reaching out to the folks I mentioned in the other post.  

Did you do the spark test?




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Thanks, very much aware how much of a limited "audience" there is for the Series 1.  Yes, sprayed carb cleaner into the intake, motor attempts to start confirming ignition is good.  At this point, I'm 99% sure my fuel pump has crapped out.  

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