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Whipple comes through!


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I was looking at the Whipple web site and I discovered they have put together an inter-cooled low boost kit for 2007 GT's with an automatic transmission. :happy feet:


I live in Texas and we have to always worry about heat related problems with our cars. FRPP and Whipple had put out two versions of the Whipple supercharger. Although the charger itself is the same, the high output version had several changes:

  • 1. smaller pulley to achieve a 10 psi boost
    2. higher output injectors and GT500 fuel pump to allow fuel to keep up with air
    3. an inter-cooler
    4. a different FRPP approved tune

FRPP does not think the HO version should be used with the auto tranny due to durability issues. They recommend the low boost super pack which includes the 7 psi charger, new injectors and plugs, CAI, manifold, & tune. MM&FF just did an article on installing this setup on their auto GT. They installed this with the supplied FRPP tune and got a nice boost in performance - around 325 RWHP (remember, auto tranny) and drops in 1/4 times down to mid 12s.


My problem with this setup is no inter-cooler. The non inter-cooled engine has to dissipate the additional heat load from the boost. This occurs through the radiator and is the same place the auto tranny is cooled. Ford is more worried about the increased torque demands on the tranny but in Texas, we're also worried about the heat demands.


Whipple has come to the rescue with a version of the high boost kit meant for autos (WK-200756B N/A 2007 4.6L Mustang GT - Auto - 24V HO (7PSI) I/C Black $6079.99 ). The N/A means that there is no corresponding FRPP part number. It comes with a larger pulley that limits the boost to about 7 psi, the higher psi injectors, GT500 fuel pump, and, most importantly, the inter-cooler. The only downside, and it's a minor one, is you have to send off your computer to have the new tune flashed.


Can you say Whipple in my future? I knew you could :happy feet: Future mods - Whipple WK-200756B, auto transmission cooler, new torque converter, Baer brakes :happy feet:

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