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Is there anyone in here from south Fl, Look to buy a shelby Gt500 let me no ?


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I did contact him about it and he was asking $10,000 over. I would have taken the order, but I have a 5 over deal pending.

Thank you. This will allow folks that are in this price range to PM him and others to pass if they are not interested.

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I just got a call from the Dealer were it being drop ship to. He Offer to buy it for 5k over Msrp now . He said he was cut Back on his shelby Gt500 buy 20 % over last year he said. He all so said he got 4 car s last year and he well be lucky if he get 3 this year he said all dealer were cut back . but i am stiil Waiteing on a new job i apply for to see were i am going

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Not at this Point you can email me for More info


2008 Ford Shelby GT500

Red exterior

Black and red interior upgrade

white Stripes

HID Headlamps

Premium Trim Pkg

Ambient Lighting

build date is 8/13/2007

The car should be he in west palm beach about Sept 15, 2007 Or sooner


When i get the car it can be sold anywere but at this time it only can be sold here in Fl ( it can't be sold Out of State at this time )


Thanks scs1

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