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Found 7 results

  1. I have a set of used, take off Super Snake Wide Body Rims for sale. They have some marks on the lip from the tires being removed and some light scuffing from use. Rims are low gloss black in color. (2) 20 x 10 (2) 20 x 12 Pictures are available. $4,500 OBO
  2. I have a set of used, take off Super Snake Wide Body Rims for sale. They have some marks on the lip from the tires being removed and some light scuffing from use. The rims are low gloss black. (2) 20 x 10 (2) 20 x 12 Pictures are available. $4,500 OBO
  3. Being an owner in a fairly remote area, this has always been a question of mine. I have been able to take care of changing the clutch myself, as well as other basic needs, but I don't have a tire changing machine in my garage! I recently purchased new shoes for my wide body Super Snake, and being where I live, I could not find a trustworthy place to change something as simple as tires. I actually went to a few local tire shops, and they flat out told me they would not touch them!(at least they were honest, I commend them for that) I finally found the tires in stock on Tire Rack (FYI, MPSS are on Sale!!), and on their site, they offer ship to installer services. I did a little research and found a shop about 75 miles from me that deals with Continental Series, as well as SCCA cars. They showed no restrictions for changing the massive rear 345's! I hope to have finally found my solution to a long standing issue, but I will not find out for sure until Monday when I can call them. Question to everyone out there: How have you addressed your needs if you live in remote areas? I know there are some folks on here that live in far more remote areas than I. Thanks in advance! Jim
  4. Has anyone purchased and installed Shelby's wide body kit? I have installed other wide body kits (see photo), and have a customer that has requested this kit for his 2013 Shelby GT500KR. Since I have not seen this kit in person, I am trying to do my homework before I spend my customer's $5,999 plus shipping. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Well here are some pics from our museum delivery. The pics are so nice I think they really capture the wide body look. Enjoy!
  6. New Shelby GT500 Wide body, great color. Snapped this in Reno at the Ford Display at Hot August Nights at Barrett Jackson. Enjoy
  7. Shelby Wide-body kit offers retro-inspired design to modify vehicles Detroit News When Shelby died last spring, Ford and Shelby American worked together on a tribute vehicle, a special Shelby GTR500 Cobra Mustang — Guardsman Blue with Wimbledon White racing stripes — that was unveiled as part of the big Shelby celebration last summer on California’s Monterey Peninsula. Among other special parts, that car featured a then-unique and Shelby American-designed “wide-body” kit with fenders flared to broaden the car’s stance and to cover wider wheels and tires. READ MORE HERE
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