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  1. Hello, I am completely new to this world of cars So please bear with me. I have just purchased a 2019 shelby gt350. I have never owned a mustang be for except for a 4cyl in 1980. Lol. This is a long way from that. I really like the car but! I live in upstate NY and the roads SHIT and this car tramlines wicked as many of you already know. Makes it not fun to drive on roads that have patches on them. So my question is what do I do other them move. Has anyone actually found tires that help correct this problem with out buying new wheels. Thank you for your help and be gentle on me for being ignorant. Little blu
  2. Just purchased a Cobra with P295/50R16 rear tires that are over 10 years old. I have visited 3 tire companies and they cannot find a vender who makes this size tire. Any recommendations?
  3. Hey guys, spring is around the corner and wanting to upgrade tires from factory Goodyear’s to Michelin’s. What do you think is better for the GT500 - Sport 4S or Sport Cup 2? I see posts on good reviews for the Sport 4S and Pilot SS’s, but not comparing with the Sport Cup 2. Thoughts?
  4. Need suggestion on replacing original factory Goodyear tires on my 2014 GT500. Replace with OEM tires - Different brand of tire - or wait to replace. At least once a year I track the car on a road course in the upper Midwest and participate in 1/2 mile go fast event. I am aware of the tires pros and cons, only operate above 45 degrees, need to get heat in them before they hook up, especially on a road course at least 3 to 4 laps, before I can really push the car. Tires pick up every rock and pebble cold or hot at slow speeds in my subdivision. The tires have less than 8000 miles, and have 2013 Juliann DOT date stamped in the side wall. The car has some engine modifications. It was dyno'd pushing almost 700 HP and over 750 lbs. ft. of torque to the ground at the rear wheels. I am looking summer performance tires: new Michelin PS/4 or new Continental Extreme Contact, or even considering another set of Goodyear's. When I am not having fun on track days or go fast event days, the car is driven on the weekends around town or out in the countryside for joyride. It is not my daily driver and it is parked in the winter months, on stands, in a climate controlled garage. The car has experienced rain 6 times and the tire's tread are not worn. I haven't measure the tread depths yet this year, guessing at 15 to 18 /32ths front to back respectively. Launch Control and track mode rarely used.
  5. Hi guys! I’ve scoured the forums and internet and just wanted to make sure that my plan is straight before I pull the trigger on this project. I apologize if some of you have seen this info before but I have not seen anything that has been posted which matches exactly what I’m trying to do. I want to widen my SVT PP 20” rims and add bigger tires to the rear on my 2011 GT500. I am probably going to use James over at Weldcraft Wheels to do this since I have read many positive results from his work. I am prepared to relocate the bumpstop brackets, remove the shock dust covers, and adding a 1/8” spacer (if needed). I really want a 325 or 335 size tire on the back. Here are the questions that I have: How wide can I go without any other modifications other than the three described above? Is a 335 tire possible with a 11.75” rim? Is an adjustable panhard bar a must when doing this mod? If so, what brand would you recommend? Has anyone put the existing 20” rims on the front and sent the front 19” rims to get widened to place on the rear (for more tire depth)? Any problems with the 20” on the front of a stock GT500? If you have done this, how wide and what size tire have you used for both the front and the rear? Do you have any pictures of this setup? What brand of tires would you suggest for not an everyday driver? Thank you guys in advance for your help!
  6. Hello everyone, I know there have been a lot of threads scattered around here about this, but a lot of the ones I looked at seemed a little bit old. I have a 2011 GT500 that needs some tires again. I was thinking of switching brands. Still trying to find something that will stick. I hear a lot of good things about the Michelin PSS. While searching around I also heard some talk of the Continental ExtremeContact DW's. However the Continental's only have a 275/35R20 not a 285/35R20. Has anyone ever used these and how did they do? I already have traction issues, just like everyone else, so I am not sure I want to go down in width. It probably isn't going to effect it that much though. Has anyone tried out the newer goodyear G:2's? What about other choices? Mickey Thompson, Nitto's, etc... All opinions are welcome, Thanks.
  7. Got my '13 SS out on the track for the first time this weekend. The track was at Raceway Park of the Midlands, just south of Omaha, NE. There was a 75% chance of rain throughout the day, so I decided to make the drive up from Kansas City, and drive the course on Michelin Pilot AS3, all season tires. I absolutely love these tires for all the open road driving I do (37K miles so far). I have had them on the track before and they do the job, but are not the ideal choice of course. I figured I would be ok, since I knew I was going to take it easy and just learn this course and learn the car, not trying to break any records. I have put about 6K miles on the car after the upgrade, and the power this thing puts out still amazes me today. As you can see from the video I made, you absolutely have to respect the power the car produces when you are enjoying it. Now that the weather is warm and dry, I have put the MPSS back on. https://youtu.be/d9b9NPNkkLs
  8. Alright, I'm new here-I just made this account today. Please don't castigate or emasculate me, but I know very little about this car. I'm just here to learn! That being said, I've recently been given a 2011 GT500 by my grandparents. It has about 47,000 miles. The car isn't stock, either. It was my grandmothers mid life crisis, and they bought it used from a Ford dealership. They know very little about cars, but my grandmother loved it because "it had snakes on it and it was loud." ? Anyway, she's tired of it and has gifted it to me. Here's what the dealer told us was in it: SCT tune, headers, exhaust, intake, and pulley. We have done nothing to it but change the oil, and I bought an aftermarket air filter for it. How soon should I change the spark plugs, or should I at all? What tires would you guys recommend for daily driver with an occasional drag race? It's currently running Pirelli P Zeros. What other checking/maintenance should I do to ensure its operating at optimal efficiency and full power? Remember, I'm new to all this and will readily admit ignorance. Any kind help will be much appreciated!
  9. My BF Goodrich tires have 8 years on them, and I have heard that tires with 6 years of service should be replaced if exposed to the elements. My 2007 GT 500 has been garaged and only run on nice days. Still has some tread, but I am mostly worried about age of tires. My wheels are front 255/35ZR20 and rear are 275/35ZR20. The following are my concerns, questions and comments....any thoughts and/or advise is appreciated: 1. So far I have narrowed my search for new tires to: A. Michelin Pilot Sport AS3 (ZR) $1382.35 installed B. Extreme Continental DWS 97W XL J (ZR) $1102.97 installed 2. Thinking that I should replace the tire sensors?? 3. Includes wheel alignment - why not. 4. Chrome Shelby Wheels - old tires taken off with rubber tipped device, by experienced mechanic ...not to damage wheels. 5. Replacing tires after 8 years of service....this is a good thing? (Foolish or Smart...am I buying peace of mind?) Thanks, Superchief
  10. Hi all! I've owned Elenor's Granddaughter a 2010 GT500 for about 18 months now. Got her with only 5.5K on the clock. This last year we spent some time at the track, like one weekend a month for 7 months, 2.5 hr's track time per day. She is totally stock with the exception of tires. I ran MPSS, 255 40 19 front and 295 35 19 rear. Initially tires were great but as I got more experience and speeds increased, the weakest links began to show. So I have questions on the best way to spend limited amount of funds. I've already purchased a set of aftermarket wheels and tires and plan on using the stock rims as my track rims. Things I know ( or think I know). I need more tire up front. I need some negative camber and positive caster. The MPSS are great but I'd like something a bit softer for track use only. The goal would be to last the season. So here's where I need help from you all who've been there and done that. I'm looking hard at Hankook Ventus R-S3's, 275 35 AR19 front, 302 30 ZR 19 rear. I know that's a bit large for the rim width but only by 0.5 inch. Another tire I'm looking at are Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 R in the same sizes. Anyone have any track experience with either of these? I will install caster camber plates this winter and I'm thinking about -3 camber and + 5 caster. Whadda think? Air/water separator? I'm totally lost here. What's the need, benefit? Brake pads - Tried Hawk HP + and they worked well but dang; whole lots o dust! Seats - man, gotta get seats n harness. Looking hard at a Forza type. How far off am I.
  11. I bought a shelby 3 months ago, with svt track package. The car is at the shop waiting for new cams and wheels so selling my stock ones. I could wait a few weeks or sell right away whatever works for me. The car has been driven 2200 miles and tread is excellent. Asking price is 2700 OBO. Email me at adeelwali@hotmail.com
  12. Hi fellow forum members, it's been a long winter here in Laval, Quebec (Canada) and although this white stuff is still coming down as I'm writing this post I know it will most likely melt very fast by the end of March. Being my last storage experience goes back to 1994 when I owned my unfortunately stolen 1992 LX 5.0 I had a few questions I'm assuming one or many of you can help me with. - I had full tank of 94 octane until I decided to take her out for one last run and never got a chance to top her up again before the white stuff hit the ground for good in November. I didn't add and fuel stabilizer in my tank and she's sitting in a heated (60 degree) garage. Is this a problem and if so what can you recommend before I crank her up? - battery has been plugged to a trickle charger since, any electrical recommendations before I crank her up? - I did her first oil change at 6000miles back in September and road about 1000miles afterwards before storing in November. Should I change the oil again and if so before I start her up or can I drive her to the dealer? - tires are 90% consumed, what do you all think of replacing these Goodyear tires to Michelin Pilot Super Sport? I notice they show more thread count and I mainly drive street courses, no drag strips. Thanks for helping out! Crusty
  13. I know there are a handful of threads of different track setups for any years that have the 20" rear wheels. I have a 2012 with the SVTPP and tossed around the relocation of the rear sway bar to fit 15's or squeezing in Nitto 305s, M/T's or other drag radial. I haven't seen much on the setup I finally chose, so I wanted to throw out what I found. I went with the Hoosier 28x10-17 slicks ($220 from Summit - link below) mounted on some 17x9 replica wheels from American Muscle ($110/each - link and specs below). The 28" Hoosiers are only slightly smaller than the stock tires when inflated. Theoretically, the diameter difference should be 0.1", although I did find it to be slightly more exaggerated in real life. The Hoosiers were at 15 psi, and I saw about 1/4" difference from the stock Goodyear ties at 35 psi.. I obviously I not concerned about the speedo difference for a track setup, and I never had any difficulty with the traction system registering problems. There is very little overhang, as you can see here: The clearance from the shocks and everything else in the wheel well is also more than acceptable. As far as performance, I unfortunately only got two runs in this week. Both were disappointing, and I still have a lot to learn about launching this car with the slicks. I can say, though, that traction was perfect without a single slip at any point. Now, I just need to figure out the best launch RPM and amount of feathering/clutch dropping. Any experience from others here would really be appreciated! Best run: 2.01 60': 12.4 @ 116 Wheels: 17 x 9 with a +30 mm offset (6.18" backspace) http://www.summitracing.com/parts/hoo-18157/overview/ http://www.americanmuscle.com/chrome-10th-17x9-0512.html Some other pics of the setup: Thanks for looking! I have really gotten a lot out of other's posts on this site and and happy to finally have something to add myself!
  14. I just received an e-mail from John in the Consumer Care Department at Michelin, indicating that the new Pilot Sport A/S 3 will be available in July in both of the following sizes: P265/40-19 (front) P285/35-20 (rear) Here's MotorTrend's recent review: http://wot.motortren...l#axzz2KB4UnGWt
  15. CS70 wheels 20x9 on the front. 20x10 on the rear. Nitto 275 front, 305 rear, no clearance issues. I think they fill out the fender openings very well.
  16. Does anyone know or can you point me in the right direction to find out the OEM tires that cam on my 2008 Shelby GT? I'm putting new wheels on and want to go back with the original equipment tires. The dealership I purchased the car from put cheap tires on to get it sold.
  17. Getting a new set of wheels and tires for the track and for use when the roads get shitty in the winter. Want to keep my Razors nice. Staggered looks great yes, but running the same size all around reduces understeer at the track and allows you to rotate the tires, allowing you to get the most life out of them. Im looking to do either 275/35/19 all around, or 285/35/19 all around. Only thing is, I feel 285's in the front are a little much... Thoughts?
  18. Good day to all. I have a 2011 Mustang Shelby GT 500 SVS and am seeking comments as to the quietest tire to use. The car has different sized wheels for front & back and do not like the idea that the Goodyear product precludes cross rotation. Grip is not primary issue, lowest possible noise value is primary. Car is located in S. Florida where road temperature is warm 90% of the time. Any advises are greatly appreciated. regard & thanks for taking the time to consider and reply.
  19. I currently own an '09 Cadillac CTS-V as my daily driver (my other car being an '09 GT-R). I admit I like what I've heard about the 2013 Shelby GT500, and am actually considering selling my CTS-V and buying the 2013 Shelby GT500 as a replacement daily driver. The problem is, I live in the DC area, and would need at least all-season tires, if nothing else than for driving when temperatures dropped below 40 degrees. I was facing the same problem with my CTS-V, but went with a set of Pirelli Sottozero 240 winter tires. Though we had a mild winter and I do not think I ever had to drive my CTS-V in the snow, the Pirelli winter tires did noticably cut down on wheel slip and increased traction during cold days. What options could I have for the GT500? I could go with an all-season tire, or dedicated winter tire.
  20. Good Day, Everybody, I pulled the gunmetal gray (19") SVT rims and F1 tires off my 2012 at 1900 miles. Set is in superb condition with the exception of three small stone nicks on one spoke of one of the wheels. Looking to sell the rims/tires/lugs/TPMS as a set for $2500. Pulled the exhaust off at 500 mi. Asking $300 for them. If anybody is interested, please contact me at MTYQIN54 @ gmail.com, and we can discuss and/or arrange for me to email you pix of the material. Thanks, MTYQIN
  21. I have a stock 2007 GT500 and i havent gotten into to much engine mods yet, but i wanted to know what the best setup for tires is. I was wanting to try and keep the stock rims and just get tires, if at all possible. I want some good stuff but nothing that will break my bank. Looking for tires i can use to drive to and from the strip and use them to drag. I heard that M and H are pretty good, but overall i want some suggestions on brand and dimensions. Thanks, Brock
  22. I did a forum search before I posted.... And "yes" I am new! In my prior life as a Corvette driver, the 'word' was the Goodyear F1's were not well liked. Better know as "runcraps". I pulled mine off and ran Nitto Invos (without the run flat capability) and was happy with that choice. What is the general opinion of the Goodyears shipped as the tire of choice on the SGT500s? Is the noise level reasonable, the tread wear appropriate, and the traction/cornering what it should be? I doubt I will 'track' the car (would love to though!) and most of my driving will be on warm days and on dry pavement. Thanks Mark
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