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Found 2 results

  1. News Flash July 2018, Shelby American is coming to the Mustang Roundup in Bellevue Washington this weekend. The event starts with the Ride N Drive at Pacific Raceways Thursday the 19th of July and ends at Bellevue Community College for the big car show. This is all the details I have at this time. See the link below. Best Regards, Brian Bogdon http://mustangsnorthwest.com/car-shows/roundup-2018/
  2. So back in November I decided to start putting together a list of mods to do to my 2014 SVTPP (non track pack) GT500. There is a lot of talk about adding power but as someone who has built and raced sport bikes for a number of years I never do motor work until I 1. Improve suspension, 2. Improve brakes/reduce rotating mass, and 3. increase cooling capacity. These are musts on top of ensuring bikes ergo's are set for me by changing/adjusting clip ons, hand and foot controls. I took the same approach to my car and here is what I learned: Suspension- Kelly at BMR awesome guy very knowledgeable but there were a few overlooks based on what I changed. K member replacement being one that cause the most issues overall. Notes for those doing it and some of these I knew but did not fully understand the effects. First it lowers the engine which changes the coolant hose routing ever so slightly but can cause conflicts with aftermarket supercharger coolant reservoirs. Second it does not allow a place to remount your lower air dam/service panel. There are mix emotions about how important these pieces are with regard to aero dynamics and airflow over different heat exchangers in the front end. Third if you change out the shocks and you have a SVTPP (electronic bilstien's) you will have to get a VCM II IDS and go into the ASBUILT set up and disable the electronic suspension otherwise your N/S shock mode indicator on your dash goes crazy. And last if you change out the k member there is no place to mount the SA transmission cooling scoop, something conveniently left out in the description... Brakes- Van Coiller for the win plain and simple. Baer, Goodrich, Vorshlag do not make the correct brake lines for the 13/14, they assume since the 10-14 S197 is all the same the 10-14 GT500 is all the same, its not. Van has already figured this out. Lots of little changes between the 2012 and 2013 year for example 6 PISTON calipers and 15" rotors. Hawk part numbers on their website for 13/14 are wrong. If the brake pads start with 485 in the part number, those are for 4 piston calipers IE earlier GT500's, brembo equipped GT's Boss 302's. For the correct pads for the 13/14's the part number will start with a 616, these are for the 6 piston calipers. Kenny Brown- lots of stuff here and there about them, I got the brake duct cooling kit from them and as long as you have a NON track pack car, its a pretty clean set up. For the track pack guys... this kit wont work. Samco- man lots of back and forth with cooling hoses but after several months and dozens of conversations I found Marken Performance as the go to guys to get the hoses and I finally got my hose kit and come to find out the main spider hose doesn't fit... How could that be?? Well those who helped develop it somehow either used a Track Pack car or failed to realize the difference in cooling hoses for track pack versus non track pack. Track pack cars eliminate the water/oil cooler and replace it with a thermostat that controls oil flow to an oil/air cooler that is in the front ducting. Samco has been made aware of this and now when you buy a hose kit from them, you will have to specify track pack or non track pack car for the 13/14 models. Also these hose kits come in MANY color options for hoses and logos! Cervini- 4-6 weeks means 8-10... still waiting on hood for more update. MGW-awesome! Bobs separators/axle reservoir- lots of back and forth I went with Bobs end of story!
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