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  1. Who wants to Rumble at the Roval??? Rumble at the Roval PREMIER OPEN TRACK EVENT -- Charlotte Motor Speedway -- September 12 - 13, 2020 For this event, the early bird discount is a little sooner than normal, June 18, 2020. To take advantage of the $55.00 discount you must have your form postmarked by the 18th. What can you do with that discount? Apply it toward your garage reservation which costs $100.00 for the weekend. Don't get left out in the heat, reserve your garage so you can maintain your car out of the sun. Even though you have a garage, you will still need to maintain a social distance from your neighbor. Save $55.00 by mailing in a check, download your registration form here: https://www.svtcobraclub.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=7977&d=1588823791 Sign up on line today by clicking here: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/rumble-at-roval-charlotte-motor-speedway-svt-cobra-club-track-usa-790332 Price list includes: Two days on track- $550.00 (remember, check gives you $55.00 off, $25.00 late fee after June 18, 2020) One day on track - $300.00 (Remember check gives you $25.00 off prior to June 18, 2020) Car Show - $20.00 (passes for two people, children under 12 get in free) Register here for car show: Parade Laps - $20.00 Event tee - $20.00 (Tee shirts are limited to preregistrations by August 15, 2020) Don't forget that you can purchase insurance to cover your car for this event from Lockton. Rumble at the Roval Open Car Show - https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/rumble-at-roval-charlotte-motor-speedway-svt-cobra-club-track-usa-790332 Car Show - Four classes, open to any make or model. The four classes are as follows: Chrysler - Including Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler Ford - Includes Mustang, Mercury, Ford Street Rods, Lincoln GM - Includes all GM makes and models, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Buick, etc... Import/Other - Includes Honda, Nissan, BMW, etc... anything that is not the big three. We can go as high as 100 awards for the entire show or 25 per class but it depends on the signups from each group. If we only have 10 imports, obviously we are not going to have 25 awards, probably just 5. Number of awards depends on number of people who preregister prior to the event. If you sign up the day of the event, you're going to pay $40.00 bucks just to do the show or parade laps. E-mail Tony at tony@svtcobraclub.com for questions or concerns
  2. Hello Team Shelby World, we are doing the Back Country Bash again for 2019 and have a couple very special guest! Tracey L Smith and Scott Black are joining us! I have added more details in the Calendar here on the forum, if you have questions please contact me. I have attach a file for the details! see below or go to the Team Shelby forum calendar. Sign up info is there, we are using PayPal. This event t is taking place in La Center, Washington. May 18th. Track time available friday at Portland International Raceway by SCCA - Track Night in America. Quickly: Breakfast, Drive and BBQ/Social in the great Pacific Northwest! we are looking forward to seeing new friends and old friends! Very Best Regards, Brian Bogdon PNWR director. Volunteers are welcome, do you have idea? s, want to get involved? Sponser? Lets make it another exciting , fun and memorable event with great people and cool machines! 2019Team Shelby Back Country Bash Time.docx
  3. Full Throttle Fall Fest @ VIR . . . Just one month away! Don’t miss out on an incredible weekend with Track Club USA and the SVT Cobra Mustang Club @ VIR Virginia International Raceway November 10 - 11, 2018 Come and join SVT Cobra Mustang Club and Track Club USA for some high speed fun at the world class facility of Virginia International Raceway. Only one month before this incredible event . . . so be sure to get signed up today to guarantee your participation. What you can do at the Full Throttle Fall Fest: 1. Two days or one day on the high speed 3.27 mile full course configuration 2. Mustang and Ford Show on Saturday 3. Saturday Night dinner 4. Lunch Time Track Parade Laps on both Saturday and Sunday 5. Hyperdrive - One 30-minute session on track in your car with an instructor 6. Have a wonderful dinner at the Oak Tree Tavern 7. Spa for the ladies 8. Go karting for the kids 9. Skeet/rifle/pistol range for the gun enthusiast . . . and much, much more! VIR is more than just a road course, it’s a motorsports country club and a vacation away from home for those that attend. What a great opportunity to explore your passion for cars while meeting new people and making new friends. To sign up for the on track portion click here: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/tcusa-full-throttle-fall-fest-virginia-international-raceway-track-club-usa-935342 For more details or to confirm your registration click here: http://www.svtcobraclub.com/forums/showthread.php?p=228239#post228239 See you at the track!
  4. SVT Cobra Mustang Club and Track Club USA are proud to present … Full Throttle Fall Fest Virginia International Raceway November 12-13, 2016 - Danville, VA Two Days of VIR Full Course Action! If you like to drive fast and not have to worry about getting a ticket, then we have something to ease your adrenaline pain…FULL THROTTLE FALL FEST! The FULL THROTTLE FALL FEST includes two days on the 3.27 mile full course where you can reach speeds in excess of 150 mph all in a safe, controlled environment. Instructors will be available and you do not need any special equipment to run on track over the weekend. Come and join the SVT Cobra Mustang Club, Track Club USA and Modular Boss for their annual fall event held at the world class location of Virginia International Raceway in Alton, VA, just east of Danville, VA. The Fest will consist of two days of open track, on-site karting, car show, and a car display during the Saturday night dinner. Please click here for more details and registration information. http://www.svtcobraclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19397 EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION ENDS ON OCTOBER 17TH!!!
  5. BEWARE WHEN YOU ORDER THAT CUSTOM TUNE – DYNO OR OTHERWISE! This is an important message to read as it exposes what is likely common practice in the tuning industry – and the consequences could be expensive. Before I begin, a little background: I have a 2012 GT500 that I have modified. Originally the modification was a smaller drive pulley on the supercharger and tune by VMP Performance. The original tune was locked by Justin Starkey of VMP and, although I have SCT’s Advantage software, I was unable to modify the tune (and didn’t need to as the tune seemed to work fine). In November of 2015 I was running the Shelby at Daytona in NASA’s HPDE 3 group. On the first session of the second day, the engine developed a rod knock and I had the car flat-bed towed back to St Petersburg, to the Ford dealer where I bought the car. The dealer did what they could, but in the end, Ford refused to cover the damage, even though the car was still under warranty. Before you immediately dismiss considering that they would even think of covering it since I was running it on the track, they actually initially agreed to cover the damage and then refused based on the fact that I had modified the car. They cited extreme detonation (which was not the case, but was more their way of CYA). What did happen is that the engine oil boiled – vaporized and exited the engine through the PCV system. Only 2 quarts remained in the engine when the dealer tore the engine down. There are many theories as to why the oil boiled (Ford’s theory was that the detonation caused the rings to be forced hard back into the ring lands, allowing the oil to pass and be burned). My theory is that it was a combination of events: The dealership possibly put the wrong oil in the car when I had it changed (they were always pushing the cheaper Penzoil) Ford did a very poor job designing heat extraction from that car, and the back of the engine was exposed to extreme radiant heating in the area proximate to the exhaust down-pipes. The aluminum block afforded great heat transfer resulting in high oil temperatures. Keep in mind the ECT was normal during this entire event. Also, the car was covered in the rear with transmission oil – the transmission had gotten hot enough to also boil its oil, which escaped through the transmission vent hole. The tune was too conservative on timing, resulting in higher EGTs, thereby contributing to the radiant heating Now, fast-forward. After spending $20K to have Livernois repair the block and rebuild it to a short block (Livernois does outstanding work), to have the dealer rebuild it to the long block and re-install it, along with adding a larger oil pan and external oil cooling, I paid a well-known tuner for a custom tune (and this time paid extra to get the SCT source file so I can view how the car was tuned and make adjustments). I also paid the tuner to do a dyno tune so I didn’t have to spend the time tuning-testing-tweaking-tuning the car. The dyno tune lasted about 2 hours and consisted of 3 “pulls” on the dyno. The tune started with a tune from another car as the initial baseline, and some adjustments were made as a result of the 3 pulls. That weekend, I ran the car at Sebring, again in HPDE. The car ran 300+ degree oil temperatures. On one session it threw an engine code (Misfire, cylinder 1). I had complained to the tuner that my AFR gauge was showing a rich condition under WOT, but that was explained away as a faulty AFR gauge and wasn’t addressed properly (in my opinion). The main thing was a significant reduction in power from how the car previously performed – naturally aspirated Mustangs were able to catch me in the straights and the car was at least 15 MPH slower in the back straight than the previous time I had run at Sebring. I lost confidence in the tuner and decided to spend the time tuning the car myself. It took weeks – with up to 12 different tunes tested along with driving/logging – before I finally got the car tuned properly (meaning power has been restored, oil temps are down 20 degrees, detonation is gone, and the fuel curve is correct). I then did a compare, using SCT’s software, between my final tune and the tuner’s “dyno” tune. Below are the salient points: Borderline knock tables (used as a starting point for ignition timing) In the area of low RPM – high engine load the tuner had the timing set to 1 degree advance. This resulted in detonation. My final tune has up to 9 degrees retard at the highest load/lowest-RPM point. In the area of low engine load the tuner was very conservative on timing, resulting in sacrificed power (and increased exhaust temperatures). Up to 10 degrees of timing was added resulting in much better low end torque (with no detonation) Even in the mid-range of RPM/load the tuner left up to 6 degrees of timing off the table, again resulting in increased exhaust temperatures and sacrificing of power. The tuner had set the Y-normalizer table to essentially lock the entire range of operation to just a few rows of the table. This seemed to me to be a quick fix – instead of tuning for various RPM-load points. MBT timing table (used as the reference for the best engine timing as determined by the MFR) Much of the table had been scaled back (timing removed) from stock. This made no sense to me as the MBT table is the reference for the maximum timing to demand (theoretically, since MBT represents the best timing in an otherwise perfect world, there should be no reason to change these tables from stock). The MFR most likely spent hundreds hours of test in determining these values. I put the table back to stock values. The tuner disabled clutch protection. This may be desirable for launching hard in drag races, but I had told him I road race the car so launching hard is not an issue. I re-enabled it and put the settings back to stock. I suspect the settings were from a previous tune that was used as the basis for this tune, and were overlooked. The tuner turned off 16 different code switches, essentially disabling the PCM from reporting those diagnostic codes. Such codes as P0175 and 74 (reporting rich conditions). This is, in my mind, one of the most egregious and unprofessional (by engineering standards) things done. I can think of no reason to do this other than to prevent the tune recipient from subsequently calling up and asking for the tune to be fixed because the car is now throwing a check-engine code. This eliminates that from happening but leaves the unsuspecting customer open for possible engine-damaging scenarios that now go unreported. Knock sensor When I was with the tuner during dyno tuning, he said he didn’t trust the knock sensors on my car and, although he did not disable them, he severely limited their operation by entering the maximum retard as 1 degree. I experienced detonation almost immediately upon running the car and changed the max retard to 10 degrees (stock is 6). I also confirmed, through running the car on the street while data logging (1 driver, 1 logger) that the knock sensors work well – that they do indeed show knock when there is audible detonation. Spark retard for ACT and ECT The tuner was conservative in these tables as well – pulling out up to 10 degrees for ACT values of 160 degrees. I did a calculation of expected ACT using Corky Bell’s book called Supercharged (I highly recommend it) and pulled out less timing. While this is a bit of a nit, I point this out as the final timing number is a function of borderline knock, MBT, ACT, and ECT tables (as well as anything the knock sensors might be doing) Anyway, what I feel was done is whatever was necessary to get me off that dyno quickly. The tuner assumed I did not know anything. I did not witness any dialing in of the MAF transfer function – especially in the high load range (at the tuner’s suggestion, I put an ATI 10% overdrive pulley on the engine which brought the boost up to 15 lbs, and I suspect the MAF transfer function was not correct in that range of boost and resulted in higher reading of air ingested than was really entering the engine, resulting in over-fueling.) I also did not witness tuning at various load points – just three full throttle pulls (with data logging). As an engineer, I can’t see how you can properly tune a car without studying it’s performance at various RPM/load points. This may be isolated or it may be standard operating procedure in the tuning industry. Beware if it’s the latter! As I mentioned, this tuner is well known and you will find his advertising in all major car magazines. About me – I have a BS and MS in electrical engineering and I have designed hardware and software for control systems (like a PCM) – so I find the PCM’s operation and the control tables to be intuitive. I have also worked on cars for over 40 years. I am also a member of Mensa. What I don’t have – and what I thought I was paying for – is the “tribal knowledge” that comes from doing this for a living. What I got instead, in my mind, is a quickly thrown together tune that did not result from proper engineering discipline – one that caused the car to run poorly and possibly contribute to the high oil temperatures that caused the original failure. If anyone is interested, I will be happy to share the SCT comparison file between the two tunes. Oh, and by the way, while I’m on the subject of superchargers (again I highly recommend Corky Bell’s book), I see much on the forums about Eaton’s TVS-style roots blowers – comparing them to other blowers and claiming superiority due to flow rate. The real thing that should be compared is thermal efficiency – how much heat will it produce meaning how much intercooling will be required and/or how much timing will have to be pulled out to stop detonation. Roots style blowers – or any blower that does not have an internal compression ratio (meaning they just move air from one side to the other) – have the worst thermal efficiencies. That’s because the compression of the air happens on the output side of the supercharger – so that’s where the heat is added – with limited chance to dissipate prior to the intercooler. Twin screws are superior for thermal efficiency because the compression happens between the screws, allowing the body of the supercharger to help in dissipating the heat before it reaches the intercooler. More expensive but they will allow higher levels of boost without detonation. PV=nRT – pressure goes up and volume and air mass stay the same means the temperature has to go up. Could be TVS has better thermal efficiency than previous roots designs, but it is still a roots-style blower (meaning no internal compression ratio).
  6. I need to change transmission fluids on my car and I take it road racing. What is the best transmission fluid? I tried red line any other suggestions?
  7. Has anyone tried the R7 on the track (road racing)? any comments?
  8. SVT Cobra Mustang Club and Track Club USA are proud to present … Full Throttle Fall Fest Virginia International Raceway November 21 0 22, 2015- Danville, VA Two Days of VIR Full Course Action! If you like to drive fast and not have to worry about getting a ticket, then we have something to ease your adrenaline pain…FULL THROTTLE FALL FEST! The FULL THROTTLE FALL FEST includes two days on the 3.27 mile full course where you can reach speeds in excess of 150 mph all in a safe, controlled environment. Instructors will be available and you do not need any special equipment to run on track over the weekend. Come and join the SVT Cobra Mustang Club, Track Club USA and Modular Boss for their annual fall event held at the world class location of Virginia International Raceway in Alton, VA, just east of Danville, VA. The Fest will consist of two days of open track, on-site karting, car show, skeet shooting and a meet for all Shelby GT500 owners, with an on-track group photo opportunity and a car display during the Saturday night dinner. On line payment will be available on Motorsport Reg. Click here to sign up on line: http://www.motorsportreg.com/events/tcusa-full-throttle-fall-fest-virginia-international-raceway-track-club-usa-627095#.Vi5e4G6Vm6x The hard copy registration form can now be downloaded for those that want to pay with a check. Your options include two day on track registration, one day on track registration, hyperdrive (one 30 minute session on track in your car), or parade lap fee. You do not have to pay for parade laps if you already paid for either a one day or two day registration fee, the parade laps are included in that purchase. Cost is $495.00 for two days or $275.00 for one day. Early Bird Discount (for mail in registration only) available until November 1 — only $450 for 2 days! For more information please visit: http://www.svtcobraclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19356 Sponsors: Blowfish Racing - www.blowfishracing.com Capitol Ford - Rocky Mount - www.capitalfordrockymount.com Data Plates Plus - www.dataplatesplus.com Mid-Atlantic Performance - www.midatlanticperformance.com ModularBoss.com - www.modularboss.com Mustang Don's Garage - www.mustangdon.com Shelby GT500 Club - www.shelbygt500club.com Time Out Sportswear - www.timeoutsportswear.com
  9. SVT Cobra Mustang Club and Track Club USA are proud to present … Winterfest 2015 Virginia International Raceway February 7 – 8, 2015 - Danville, VA Two Days of Full Course at VIR…don’t miss this 2015 kick-of event! If you like to drive fast and not have to worry about getting a ticket, then the SCMC and Track Club USA have something to ease your adrenaline pain…and you don’t have to wait until spring to satisfy your need for speed. The Winterfest includes two days on the 3.27 mile full course where you can reach speeds in excess of 140 mph all in a safe, controlled environment. Instructors will be available and you do not need any special equipment to run on track over the weekend. The event will be held at the world class location of Virginia International Raceway in Alton, VA, just east of Danville, VA. The Fest will consist of two days of open track. This is the first "official" SCMC/TCUSA event for 2015. The event will be an HPDE with no car show or dyno, just plain ole wide open, full throttle, full course VIR for two days. Here is the information you will need for this event. Where: Virginia International Raceway, Danville VA When: February 7 - 8, 2015 Cost: $450.00 for two days or $250.00 for one day Cancellation Policy: We have a special cancellation policy for this event and this event only. You may cancel up to 72 hours prior to the event and get a full refund. Special Weather Insurance: If it is raining or snowing or if the temperature is below 48 degrees, this event may be cancelled and a full refund will be returned to the registrants. We will also shred the check if you agree to it. Precipitation will cancel the event but temperature gives either the track or the club the right to cancel and issue participants a full refund! The temperature clause is a guideline where we used the average temperature in Alton, VA for the month of February as the decision point. The average temperature was researched from weather.com. This does not mean we will cancel due to cold weather but it gives us the right to cancel if either party deems it necessary. The bottom line on this event is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain since you will get a full refund if you cancel up to 72 hours before the event. We have a weather clause so if it is bad weather, we will cancel the event, and you will get your check back. No checks will be endorsed prior to February 6, 2015. That means we will hold your check till we know that the weather is going to be good and only then will we deposit your fee. There will be no on line payment for this event since we do not want to pay processing fees and will be able to give you a full refund should the weather be bad. For more information and registration details, please visit https://www.svtcobraclub.com/forums/showthread.php?p=227404#post227404
  10. Hey guys I need your help. Especially anyone involved in road racing. I'm planning to start going to the track and I'm looking to buy new wheels/tires. What I really want to know is what is the best performing (road course not drag strip) wheel size and tire size setup? I'm looking for what rim size and what tire width an ratio will handle best for my shelby GT500 2011 (stock).
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