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Found 14 results

  1. have a 2007 GT500 that has the Borla touring exhaust. I added Kooks long tube headers a while back and don't really care for how loud it is when the RPMs get much above about 2200. Any suggestions for calming the sound down a bit?
  2. Hi Ladies and Gents, I had a 2013 GT500 with Borla axleback ATACs which were really outstanding in my opinion. No drone, quiet on idle, and boomers when you hit the gas. Then I sold the GT500 and bought one of of the new Corvettes which truly is an outstanding redesign (based on past experience with Vettes) but I missed the GT500 so much that I sold the Vette and bought another GT500. So I am back on the forum with you guys!!!!. So here is why I am asking for your help if you have experience with the Cervini side exhaust. My new (used) 2013 GT500 has these side exhausts which is a very very nice product and the sound is awesome. But it is too loud for my neighbors and does have a drone that I can't live with around 1200 to 1500 rpm. I am going to call the guys that market this stuff and get their opinion, but they are salesmen and women and so I also wanted your advice. It appears they use Magnaflow round mufflers with 4" connections (7 inch outside diameter mufflers). It appears these come from Magnaflow in 4 different lengths from a 14" body length to a 30 inch body length, excluding the 4 inch connections and lengths. QUESTION: Have any of you, that bought the Cervini side exhaust kit, had to replace the mufflers to a more less robust design (still aggressive sound, but not overly so), and hopefully one with less drone? If so what manufacturer did you use and model number, and would you recommend to me what you have purchased?. Plus any other relavent thoughts that you might have would be greatly appreciated. Rodders .
  3. Hey guys, I just recently purchased my GT500 and am curious what the stock exhaust setup consists of. Diameter, LT or SH headers, mip-pipe, etc. I figured this would be the quickest way to learn what it is I am working with. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have 08 GT500 with Borla cat back stinger exhaust an off road xpipes. Looking to add long tube headers and would like to stay with Borla but they advertised that the headers are for track or off road use only. I live in West Virginia so if I can't run Borla, does anyone have other suggestions?
  5. 110k and counting... I have been on a rampage of suspension updates lately, with that mileage the car needed it badly, BMR LCA, BMR Adjustable Panhard, Whiteline Rear Sway Bar, New Bushings for front sway bar, new GT500 front lower control arms(I got 105k out of the orginals), Shelby ajustable sway bar endlinks... and new motor mounts. Anyone know how long those Ford Racing Springs are good for? I am wondering if its time to just replace those as well. Anyway I finally picked up a set of Long Tube Headers, JBA's with catted h-pipe(800 shipped to my door brand spanking new). I still have the factory axle backs, I want something new and I am stuck between the KR's and the Roush Extreme Catback system. I am looking for some suggestions. Or if anyone has the Roush Extreme with headers.
  6. This past summer, my car was used to build a prototype shorty header from ARH. The shorty's are made of stainless steel. The headers were designed to bolt up to the stock exhaust, I have a 2008 GT500KR. Shortly after they were done, I got a P0430 code, which is the second bank Cat is inefficient. With only 7k on the engine, I have a hard time believing that the Cat is bad. I switched the 02 sensor from the right side to the left and after driving it for about 15 miles, the same code came up, so it's not a 02 sensor problem. Could it be a timing issue on how quick the 02 sensor is heating up? Any ideas?
  7. Hello, I have a 2010 Shelby with the Magnaflow dual exhaust and would to install a quad exhaust. Could anyone give me some advice on where to find a valance for the 2013 shelby's and where I could purchase a used and nice quad exhaust? Tks a lot !
  8. I know this topic has been discussed countless times before in various forums, but I'm going to post my experience here since all that information still did not give me a clear picture until i went and did it myself. Basically, everything was great until I added a Lethal Performance X-pipe with hi-flow catalytic converters. These are the same cats found on the Magnaflow system, but the pipes are aluminized steel instead of stainless (saving me $150+). I was running the KR mufflers with an otherwise stock exhaust, which I still think is the best all around axle-back option for any 2005-2009 S197 Mustang, Shelby included. As many others have noted, once the hi-flow cats went on, the sound was stupid loud! My ears were bleeding at only 3,000 RPM. So I went on the hunt for a solution and here is what I found... - 2007-09 OEM SVT GT500 Apparently these are the same muffler from the automatic version of the Mustang GT?! And the stockers on the manual version are louder?! Anyway, I didn't try these with the hi-flow cats so I can't speak to that configuration, but they are heavy and super quiet so they are not for me. - Ford Racing Stingers (M-5230-5GT) Didn't have these on my GT500, but I did have them for awhile on my 2006 Mustang GT. They sound like an exotic car. They are loud, they are deep, but they drone like a bitch. I couldn't take it anymore, so off they went. I'm quite sure they would be the same or worse on my GT500. And multiply that by a factor of 10, with hi-flow cats? Supposedly the M-5230-SGT has another baffle in it, which would reduce the drone and loudness a touch, but I determined I don't like the sound of Borla exhaust overall so I didn't bother with those. - Ford Racing FR500S/KR (M-5230-S) As noted above, these are painful to listen to with hi-flow cats. They are extremely shrill at high RPMs. However, on an otherwise stock exhaust, they kick ass. Deep and quiet at low RPMs and sing a loud song of ecstasy WOT. Not an ounce of drone anywhere, which is amazing for a straight-thru type muffler. Hands down the best axle-back setup for a stock exhaust. - Borla Touring/Ford Racing (M-5230-SVT1) I bought the Shelby Borla Touring catback system, but these are supposedly the same as the Ford Racing SVT1s but without the Ford Racing logo and you get the full catback system for the price of the Ford Racing mufflers alone. This is the same exhaust found on the 40th Anniversary GT500s and the Super Snakes. Surprisingly, these are very quiet, even with the hi-flow catted x. The sound is pretty good overall, but too quiet for what I wanted. Plus, they have a drone and regardless of how mild it is, I noticed it. At idle, they hum in a way that reminds me of a car that idles too high, even though the car is sitting at 800RPM. If I had to, I could live with this setup for everyday use, but compared to a Roush 427R, this exhaust setup sounds kinda weak. - 2010 OEM SVT GT500 After reading countless online threads, I thought I had found the perfect solution. Unfortunately, they weren't. These mufflers look aggressive as hell on a '07-09 Mustang as the tips are 4" in diameter and stick out past the valence (due to the extended valence of the 2010 cars). They were simply too loud with the hi-flow catted x. Sounded much like a 70's bubba truck with straight pipes or glasspacks. I'm confident that on a an otherwise stock exhaust they would kick ass. No drone, quiet rumble at idle and loud at WOT. - Ford Racing Bullitt (M-5230-GTB) Again, thought these would be the answer, but they were a disappointment. They sound good on the Bullitt Mustang and weren't bad on my GT500 w/hi-flow cats, but I was surprised at how quiet they were at WOT on my car. No drone, deep idle, but WOT was too muffled for my taste. Figured the catted x would spice it up, but it didn't. This would be a great setup for someone who wants a slightly better than stock sound and doesn't care for the tone of the Borla exhaust kits. - Ford Racing Shelby GT (M-5230-GTA) And the winner is... these! I never would have guessed. These are standard mufflers on the Shelby GT and GT-H from '06-08. I figured they would be too loud. However, surprisingly, they have a good range of sound from quiet to loud (much broader sound range than the Bullits above). The exhaust note is deep, but at idle and at cruising speed you barely hear them. Partial and wide open throttle and these suckers sing loudly! Best of all, very little raspiness and sounds great with the windows up or down. For a loud, muscle-car sound with hi-flow cats and an X-pipe on a 2007-2009 Shelby GT500, these take the cake!
  9. I just purchased a new 2013 Shelby and would like to add some mods. Would you guys recommend the Lethal 680 package or should I make the two hour drive to American Muscle for a custom tune? I'm sure they can add the Throttle body and air intake like the Lethal kit. Also, will these cars pass inspection with an off-road exhaust like the "x" pipe? Thanks for your help.
  10. Hey guys just installed my Flowmaster Outlaw Axlebacks i purchased from Lethal Performance. I couldnt be happier! It was a pretty cheap option and man, my car sounds like a new animal!!! Love it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  11. Hey guys, just wanted to post my new exhaust that I put on a few days ago. I've always like the sound of Flowmasters on mustangs and I couldn't find any videos of my GT500 with a Flowmaster Outlaw installed on it. Anyway, if anyone is looking for a more aggressive sound but do not want to put in a full exhaust, I highly recommend these.
  12. I have a borla xr-1 cat back exhaust for sale, I t was installed recently with only 200 miles put on them. Sounds is too loud and deep for me and I'm putting stock exhaust back on. If anybody is intrested a and nd wants to talk pricing and moving forward simply email or reply back. I can send pctures and any additional info. They are still brand new with no scratches or stains and I have all original paperwork of instalation, brocour, hat and stick and registration form. Slruiz86@gmail.com
  13. Good Day, Everybody, I pulled the gunmetal gray (19") SVT rims and F1 tires off my 2012 at 1900 miles. Set is in superb condition with the exception of three small stone nicks on one spoke of one of the wheels. Looking to sell the rims/tires/lugs/TPMS as a set for $2500. Pulled the exhaust off at 500 mi. Asking $300 for them. If anybody is interested, please contact me at MTYQIN54 @ gmail.com, and we can discuss and/or arrange for me to email you pix of the material. Thanks, MTYQIN
  14. Need some help here...I am getting ready to install a buch of suspension and chassis parts, including the SPP K-Member. Since it will be easier to go ahead and replace the stock headers while the K-Member is being swapped, I want to go ahead and do that. I am looking at the Dynatech 1 7/8 x 3 inch headers with their 3 inch catted X-Pipe setup. However, I can't seem to find any definitive answers on which 3 inch cat-back will connect up to that. Will the Magnaflow GT500 3 inch cat-back system connect directly to the 3 inch X-Pipe? In their pictures it looks like that system reduces to a 2.5 inch mid-pipe connection. Anyone have any idea what cat-back system will pair up directly to a 3 inch X-Pipe? Thanks in advance.
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