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  1. Thanks for the insight. I think it must have been damaged. Looks like the word branding means attaching a permanent sticker indicating the car was salvaged (like branding a horse), Reconstruction must mean it was rebuilt.
  2. I Googled the DMV website and it looks like Reconstructed branding is used only when wrecked, flooded, fire, etc (totaled). But can't be sure. I was told by Hilbank Motors that a similar CSX car sold at Hillbank for $165k recently. So it might make sense.
  3. The number is CSX7989 sold at the Mecum Denver Auction last month apparently. Description says " Reconstructed branding on title". Went for $110k. Looked a little dusty as well.
  4. What does "Reconstructed branding on title" mean for CSX cars sold in Colorado.
  5. Will be 10 years in May. 7000 miles and always garaged. Stripes are good. Driver side airbag recall has been fulfilled. (Twice). Now have a recall notice for the passanger side, but part isn't available yet. Great car and can't believe it's been 10 years. Seems like a couple of years.
  6. Right or wrong, it would take a lot more than $31k for me too. (For whatever it is worth Included would be low miles, original Shelby window sticker, Shelby warranty, original floor mats,Carol Shelby's autograph on visor, and still in box lower grill and fog light kit. All period SGT and Team Shelby paraphernalia, etc.) But not trying to sell now.
  7. Yes, I don't think most sellers or buyers (incl. dealers) are aware of the pre title aspect. I suspect if they were that prices would be different. It makes difference to me. So is it just another Mustang with extra doo-dads? Should it be?
  8. I think that the prices are low because there is little (or no) awareness in the market that these are unusual pre title Shelby cars. Pre title like the 1960's GT 350. Personally, I think this makes the SGT very desirable. But maybe I'm the only one who feels that this makes the SGT Shelbys special.
  9. Thanks for the insight(2 posts). I get it now! It's all fun to understand and follow.
  10. I continue to be surprised at prices like this. These cars are pre title Shelby's. Very unique. I don't think there is much awareness about this significance. Yet!
  11. Yes, I can't imagine doing with out it. Actually, I can imagine since I just received the manual and have had the car since last July. Getting to know the car very well now. (I think that's half the fun).
  12. Well Mike,you may want to make an inquiry to SPFWiringDiagrams@Comcast.com. They have put together Owners Manuals for the 7000 & 8000 Cobras. They have a Manual and wiring diagram specific for the 50th Anniversary FIA. I bought both, and was very surprised to learn about how well informed they are about these cars. I don't think you will be disappointed. Blas is the contact and you could tell him that 7994 referred you.
  13. We still have some salt left on the roads here. But can spend time working on a speedometer gauge light solution. Need something that won't stick out the back to far (as the tubular frame is in the way) and fits a 3/8 inch hole in the back of the speedometer.
  14. That's how I always felt. I think the market is beginning to wake up! Still many people including dealers, etc, still do not know the pre title nature. Not to mention they look great, drive great, and sound great!!
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