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  1. Might check with the Colorado Shelby Club. They usually have several events throughout the year. And there is always the Shelby American Collection event in Boulder every September.
  2. Shelby doing a VIP event for Barrett Jackson Scottsdale next month?
  3. Any specific itinerary info available besides general info stated on ticket purchase site??
  4. Oh absolutely!! And also check the nitrogen pressure in the tires once a month!! ?
  5. WOW!! Great collection. I have sent a pm.
  6. Yes they have been around awhile. There are 50 out there that were personally signed by Carroll Shelby and came with Certificate of Authenticity. The original program was to do 100 of the signature models. Carroll signed the first 50 certificates and plates. He then passed away and the last 50 were never done. Even though the certificated and registration plates say # XXX of 100, there are actually only 50. I have # 49.
  7. Contact Steve at Shelby American with the information. He will know who originally owned the car and may also know the current owner if the new owner got his info to the Registry.
  8. On my 2017 50th Anniversary Super Snake, I updated the value of the car, to Hagerty, as it was being built by Shelby. Once completed I sent Hagerty all the Shelby documentation and pics of the car. We then came to a "Stated Value" agreement on the car and a policy was issued. This car is insured as a daily driver.
  9. You have to have the Ford Sync option on your vehicle. https://www.fordpass.com/
  10. How about Ford Pass? You can locate you car and disable it from you smart phone. You've already paid for it in the price of the car. Just a thought.
  11. There is one White Platinum/Blue Stripes Convertible 750HP in Morrison, Colorado.
  12. I can"t find the link on here to renew???
  13. I have a 2007 GT500 Super Snake 427 Edition Convertible with only 5600 miles. Red with black stripes. I'm asking $65K. It is #7 of only 212 built. Excellent condition.
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