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  1. Only 8k miles.... And NO, not mine......
  2. Nothing like that going on with my Shelby F150. Same thoughts as SVTKeith. I've owned mine a year and thankfully, no issues. I've actually dreaded taking the truck in for anything due to the "novelty" of it and possible "joy riding". Most dealers around me have never seen one.
  3. Hey Andy, I have a F150 Shelby (not SS). Love this truck!! Still figuring some things out.... Be sure to check the SC oil level every couple of months or so, that goes for the SC coolant as well. Both were low when i picked it up about a year ago. Major cavitation when idling. Easy fix to add coolant. However, I wasn't aware you had to check the SC oil frequently, (not so easy to add) since they recommend changing every 100K. Truck was hesitating, slightly lunging, just not as smooth and responsive. Checked the SC oil and was shocked to see the level was not showing in the "glass". E
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