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  1. What happened to the Shelby side strips on the doors & the Baja 700 door badges. Did you order it that way? Also noticed rubber floor mats. Does it have the Shelby floor mats?
  2. Welcome to Team Shelby. Sweet ride, definitely a head turner. Have fun with it...
  3. My miss, thanks for heads up......now you know how i came up with the name DipChit....
  4. https://youtu.be/Cwzjm_Nh76g Interesting....
  5. Nothing like bastardizing a name for buck............ just like the dealers $$$$. What a shame...... proud owner of a Baja 700 built by SAI.........
  6. Lets not get confused. Sold out from factory, is far different than being sold through (out) at the dealerships. With the dealers mark up $$$ we could see some on the lots for a while. What difference does it make on where it was built ? The way i see it Shelby would damn sure make sure its done right no matter where its built. Its there their name (license) and reputation thats at stake if it were inferior. Besides 700 hp sitting under your britches is enough to get me excited.
  7. Excellent point. I never thought of it that way. By the way sweet ride you have, antenna and all.
  8. WOW, I for sure would of thought they could omit any of the graphics as long as you paid for them in the package. Why heck they could of made a few extra bucks in labor & parts. I guess it's either their way or the highway. It's all about advertisement, which is understandable.
  9. I would think that Shelby could omit some of the graphics it puts on. Have you talked with anyone at Shelby about if they can delete any of the graphics? Try putting in a call to Frankie Montrone @ Shelby Sales LV and let him know what you are wanting.
  10. I sent my black 2014 Raptor off to Shelby for the Baja 700 package. It had the Shelby side panel logo along with the hood & tailgate strips. Shelby will have their name all over the truck when they were done. I counted 16 Shelby logo's (advertisements) on my truck when i got it back. It will definitely let everyone know it's a Shelby.
  11. I believe the only thing Ford would rethink is dropping production of its Raptor if its sales were to drop. There are to many government mandates on the auto industry to get the mileage performance up.They all will have to comply with these mandates sooner or later. I wonder what Shelby could do to improve the TRX. It would be interesting to see.
  12. If Dodge is able to keep the production cost down they will steal the Raptors thunder. I don't believe that the R&D TRX show model with all it's bells & whistles that Dodge will be able to keep the cost down as it is now. However Eco friendly Ford needs to wake up, before the Raptor is a truck of the past. Ford needs to go back to dropping the 6.2 into it's Raptors. That would be a better idea !
  13. Congrats!!!!! jdaallen.... keep on trucking....
  14. Matt, i am also new to this form. I feel it should never really be a question if they will hold their value, but weather you want a truck that will rock your off road experiences. I'm one of the luck few who own one of the Baja 700. I would never think of trading it in and if your lucky enough to be the owner of a 2017 Shelby 150, i bet you would never think of trading it in also. Best of luck to on landing that truck. DC
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