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  1. Last week the site (boss 302 forum .com) tried to load but failed, over the weekend it appears to have gone completely offline. I am uncertain who the site manager is but hopefully the content is not lost. Given the amount of Boss specific material I would be happy to contribute funds to prevent this from happening on what seems to be a biannual basis.
  2. Any one know why this whole thread is gone? There was some great information and modification insights that he provided. https://www.teamshelby.com/dex.php/topic/76275-my-new-boss-302-laguna-seca-has-arrived/page-3/#entry1341726 Thanks, Charles
  3. Any updates or photo links? Can't imagine your car has remained the same since your last post...
  4. cholmes1

    Glass Roof

    Where did you find that the glass roof only adds 30lbs to the car? Not doubting you as I have no idea, but that seems low for a full glass roof with structural support
  5. cholmes1

    Glass Roof

    A glass roof was installed on all of the Boss charity auction cars. For example, the Grabber Blue LS sold at Barrett-Jackson for charity had a glass roof. They are crazy top heavy so the balance would certainly be thrown off
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