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  1. Is there a list anywhere of the actual Shelby numbers assigned to the 1999 SP360's? I know that there were two converters (Star Coach and Race Truck Trends?) and that the number assignments were non-linear. Of the "less than 50" 4x4's , I have now owned three over the years, #'s 81, 48, and just purchased #165. There are subtle (and some not so subtle) differences between the three, although all are supercharged 4x4's. It's interesting that my 60's GT500's can be so well documented compared to the much more recent Durango's. Mike Heroy
  2. Second the motion on the Valentine 1- I've had mine for several years and use it in everything from CSX4045 to a 1958 Bentley! You not only get the direction of the signal (unless it's a reflection), its strength, and the number of alerts in progress, but you can send the thing in for software upgrades as opposed to buying a new detector. The last time I inquired about that (you provide then wth the unit's serial number), they were honest enough to tell me not to send it in unless the new POP radar was prevealent in my area. As for detectors in general, they are best when they pick up
  3. I picked up my car, which had been done for about a week, at SA last Wednesday and drove it a couple of hundred miles while out there on business before returning it to SA on Friday to be tagged for shipment to Indiana. Everyone was most helpful, and I was happy to have selected Museum Delivery. One thing- when they recommend that you drive through the Valley of Fire State Park, saying that it's a spot wher you can "unload the suspension", be advised that there are a coule of places where you can unload the whole car! Lots of fun, undampened by the rain on Friday. I expected shipment to
  4. I must be at the tail end- don't know when my car was ordered initially, as my dealer acquired the slot from another for me. I signed the buyer's order on June 29, roughly the day the car arrived at S/A. It's still there, has been converted and some of the mod work done, waiting only on the supercharger. I was supposed to take delivery there, still will if possible, but my Fall schedule is tight and Winter is coming here in the Midwest. This is not really news- we built a CSX4000 Cobra (#4045) in 1997, one of the last non-dealer cars, and it was a long process to get all the parts, even
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